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Jason A. W.’s Pac-12 Week 12 Predictions

Overall: [52-25] Last week: [5-1]

It’s been leaked by some pretty reliable sources this will be Tedford’s last game. I wish this game was at home so we could give him the proper sendoff he deserves. It’s only fitting his last game would be against the Beavers who have been the perennial thorns on our butts.

Washington 48 – Colorado 27: So why did we invite Colorado into the conference to begin with?

Washington State 22 – Arizona State 45:  ASU is my sleeper team for next year.

USC 38- UCLA 21: I really want to pick UCLA, but I think USC finds a way to pull it out again this year.

Stanford 25 – Oregon 45: Andrew Luck couldn’t win here and neither will a backup QB.

Arizona 31 – Utah 35: Utah hasn’t looked good of late, but SLC is a pretty tough place to play.

California 28 – Oregon State 31: The score of probably the most painful game I’ve ever attended in my life.

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Pac-12 Predictions: Week 12

Overall: [52-25] Last week: [4-2]

This is the last game for Cal and potentially for Tedford. Will they bring out their all against Oregon State?

Washington 28 – Colorado 17: Washington struggles away from home but they will still be too much for a horrible Buffs team.

Washington State 13 – Arizona State 32:  The Sun Devils are simply too tough for the Cougars who are going through a mess internally

USC 48- UCLA 27: It won’t be like last season, but it’s still going to be a big win for USC. Marqise Lee all day.

Stanford 19 – Oregon 37: I’ll predict that this will be Oregon’s lowest scoring game of the season but a hard fought victory.

Arizona 19 – Utah 27: Calling the upset here. The Utes tend to play better at home and I expect a good game from John White.

California 32 – Oregon State 27: Tough matchup for the Bears, but a loss could send Tedford packing by Sunday.

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Jason A. W.’s Pac-12 Week 11 Predictions

Overall: [47-24] Last week: [5-1]

The good news is that I’m one game behind Shawn now

Colorado 14 – Arizona 38: Arizona will probably run up the point total. Rich Rod can coach.

Arizona State 27 – USC 42: There have been some pretty entertaining games this year. USC losing last year in Tempe was kind of a weird game. I still can’t get over this interception.

Oregon State 27 – Stanford 21: I think Oregon State has too much speed on the outside for Stanford to contain. Plus we’ve seen more from Cody Vaz than we’ve seen from Stanford’s backup QB.

Oregon 52 – California 14: I won’t even try to pick an upset. I’ll be happy if we can cover the 28 point spread.

UCLA 28 – Washington State 13: UCLA might be able to legitimately make the Pac-12 Championship game this year, but they need to win in Pullman first.

Utah 21 – Washington 24: I really have no feeling on this game so I’m going with the hometown team.

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Pac-12 Predictions: Week 11

Overall: [48-23] Last week: [4-2]

Maybe I should just stop trying to predict Cal games because I always pick Cal for the hell of it.

Colorado 13 – Arizona 48: Arizona will be out for blood against a weak Colorado team.

Arizona State 24 – USC 32: I’m almost tempted to pick the Sun Devils, but there is just too much offense for ASU to handle.

Oregon State 21 – Stanford 24: Wow this is a hard one to pick. Gonna have to go with Stanford at home.

Oregon 22 – California 27: Yes, I know. I’m crazy. Go Bridgeford Go!

UCLA 38 – Washington State 17: There are some serious issues going on at WSU, and UCLA are looking like real contenders to get to the Pac-12 Championship.

Utah 29 – Washington 21: Utah’s Star Lotulelei will be chasing Washington’s QB Keith Price all day.

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Jason A.W.’s Pac-12 Week 10 Predictions

Overall: [42-23] Last week: [3-3]

Washington 14 – California 22: I predict a low scoring game. Hopefully can get revenge for To$h as well as the bowl streak ending two years ago. A big win on the national spotlight on Friday night might bring second life into the program.

Stanford 28 – Colorado 17: Stanford is going to be begin musical chairs but should take care of the Buffs.

Washington State 14 – Utah 34: I think Utah is a team to watch down the stretch in the Pac-12.

Oregon 35 – USC 26: Been looking forward to this game for a while. The shine has been wiped off a bit because of USC’s two losses but this should be entertaining none the less.

Arizona 23 – UCLA 48: UCLA win for the California is starting to look more and more like a blip on both sides.

Arizona State 17 – Oregon Sate 24: Corvallis is a tough place to play. Just ask USC or Cal.

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Pac-12 Predictions: Week 10

Overall: [44-21] Last week: [2-4]

I was absolutely terrible last week, kind of like Cal’s offense and special teams.

Washington 17 – California 24: I have yet to predict against my Bears, so I’m not going to start now.

Stanford 48 – Colorado 17: Colorado, the only team worse than Cal right now.

Washington State 21 – Utah 31: Utah will continue their 2nd half run with a good fight against WSU.

Oregon 32 – USC 36: Game of the week. I’m going with the upset here. Matt Barkley to Woods and Lee all day.

Arizona 21 – UCLA 28: UCLA will play stout at home even against a powerful offense led by Matt Scott.

Arizona State 17 – Oregon Sate 28: Cody Vaz is starting, so as long as OSU’s defense shows up like usual they’ll get the W.

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Jason A. W.’s Pac-12 Week 9 Weekly Predictions

Overall: [39-20] Last week: [3-2]

Colorado 20 – Oregon 42: Probably another win by halftime for Oregon with lots of experience time for their 2nd and 3rd stringers

UCLA 32 – Arizona St. 45: Would love to pick the “upset” here but I can see the Bruins just toil towards the end of the season.

USC 38 – Arizona 24: Arizona plays USC pretty tough usually but the Trojans probably have too much on offense.

Washington St. 24 – Stanford 42: Stanford probably has too much talent inside to run the ball, and Jeff Tuel passing 50 times isn’t going to beat Stanford.

California 22 – Utah 23: If Aaron Rodgers couldn’t win here, I have a hard time believing Zach Maynard will be able to.

 Oregon St. 33 – Washington 30: Reverse score of a fun game between these two programs 12 years ago with BCS implications on both sides.

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Pac-12 Predictions: Week 9

Overall: [42-17] Last week: [4-1]

Huge games for UCLA, ASU and OSU, Washington. Can Cal bounce back from a terrible loss to rival Stanfurd?

Colorado 10 – Oregon 52: Another easy win for Oregon, and another sad loss for Colorado.

UCLA 32 – Arizona St. 37: I’m going with the home team on a last second touchdown for the win.

USC 48 – Arizona 34: Barkley will continue to get back into the Heisman race.

Washington St. 14 – Stanford 32: This should be an easy game for the Cardinals.

California 27 – Utah 24: If Cal can’t win here, bowl chances are extremely thin.

 Oregon St. 24 – Washington 7: Potential upset? I don’t think so. Not the way OSU’s defense has been playing compared to Washington’s Offense.

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Jason A. W’s Pac-12 Predictions: Week 8

Overall: [36-16] Last week: [3-3]

Bad week for me last week. Stupid refs screwed Stanford over and now I’m officially a buyer on Oregon State.

Oregon 45 – Arizona St. 34: Remember the last time Oregon went into the state of Arizona with a #2 ranking? Ouch. Yes that was the game where Dennis Dixon pulled his ankle and Oregon which was rolling at the time, lost their chance at a BCS shot. O yea, Cal was the only team to beat Oregon with a healthy Dixon that year.

Stanford 28 – California 34: Does this score look familiar? JT, go for a touchdown this time instead of a field goal down 3 8 yards away from the end zone!

Colorado 15 – USC 48: One of these games Matt Barkley is due to explode. I have a feeling it will be this one.

Washington 34– Arizona 23: Going with the upset here. I believe Washington’s defense will be able to stop Matt Scott and the spread option for a win down in the desert.

Utah 32 – Oregon St. 35: I expect the Beavers to squeak out a victory here. Pretty exiting end to an OSU-Utah game right here in 2008 where Oregon State actually played the Beavers tougher than Alabama that season.

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Pac-12 Predictions: Week 8

Overall: [38-16] Last week: [5-1]

It’s time for the Big Game…in October. A victory here for the Bears will push them in the right direction.

Oregon 42 – Arizona St. 37: This should be quite a game with fire power on both sides. However, I don’t see ASU being able to stop Kenjon Barner and De’Anthony Thomas

Stanford 20 – California 25: Does this score look familiar?

Colorado 14 – USC 48: USC will end this game by the end of the first half.

Washington 21 – Arizona 33: Big game for both teams, but Arizona was able to put up a lot of points against Stanford while Washington’s offense has been struggling.

Utah 17 – Oregon St. 27: The way OSU has been playing, it is hard to see Utah being able to deliver an upset.



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