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Pac-12 Predictions Week 11

National Championship implications tonight between Oregon and Stanfurd. Can Oregon keep up the monster season they are having?

Last week: 2-1. Overall: 49-9

Oregon @ Stanfurd: This is a tough one because of Stanfurd’s ability to stop the run. However, I think Oregon is going to come out on top with a strong DEFENSIVE performance. Oregon 35 – Stanfurd 21

Arizona State @ Utah: I still have no idea how Utah beat Stanfurd. ASU will be challenged from the get-go but should be able to come out with the win. Arizona State 42 – Utah 24

Colorado @ Washington: The Huskies are very strong at home and this should not be any different against the Buffs. Colorado 17 – Washington 49

UCLA @ Arizona:  Arizona has yet to lose at home but they haven’t exactly faced any formidable opponents there either. I see the Bruins winning this high scoring game. UCLA 48 – Arizona 35

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Pac-12 Predictions Week 10

Went 4-0 last week with my predictions! This week we get an early start on the Pac-12 action with ASU-WSU on Thursday and USC-OSU on Friday.

Last week: 4-0. Overall: 47-8

Arizona State @ Washington State: Even though this is an away game on a Thusrday night, ASU should be able to take care of business. Arizona State 34 – Washington State 14

USC @ Oregon State: OSU may have lost last week against Furd but they are still strong at home and should defeat a much weaker Trojan team. USC 17 – Oregon State 35

Colorado @ UCLA: As long as Hundley doesn’t turn over the ball, the Bruins should not have too much trouble with the Buffs. Colorado 10 – UCLA 42

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Pac-12 Predictions Week 9

Couple of huge Pac-12 matchups this week with UCLA @ Oregon and Stanfurd @ Oregon State. This should be a fun Saturday to watch in the Pac.

Last week: 5-1. Overall: 43-8

Utah @ USC: USC will bounce back at home and win a tough one at home. Utah 17 – USC 21

UCLA @ Oregon: I just don’t see Oregon losing any momentum especially at home. UCLA 21 – Oregon 48

Arizona @ Colorado: Arizona should get this win but the mile high conditions may make it a bit difficult. Arizona 45 – Colorado 17

Stanfurd @ Oregon State: This is a tough one. Oregon State at home going in with all the momentum but they have to face a tough Stanfurd team. If Stanfurd wants to be good this year this have to beat a good team on the road, and I think it happens here. Stanfurd 34 –  Oregon State 17

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Pac-12 Predictions Week 8

Huge matchup between UCLA and Stanfurd. Can Stanfurd bounce back from a disappointing loss against Utah?

Last week: 3-1. Overall: 38-7

Charleston Southern @ Colorado: This shouldn’t be a hard game for Colorado. Charleston Southern 17 – Colorado 34

UCLA @ Stanfurd: I’m predicting that Stanfurd will have a big bounce back game against a solid UCLA team. UCLA 20 – Stanfurd 45

Washington @ Arizona State: Calling the upset here. ASU will have a big game with their fans behind them. Washington 21 – Arizona State 27

USC @ Notre Dame: I hate Notre Dame but I just can’t see the Trojans pulling it off away from home. USC 21 – Notre Dame 32

Utah @ Arizona: I see Utah carrying their momentum from their huge win against Stanfurd and winning a close one at Arizona. Utah 28 – Arizona 24

Washington State @ Oregon: Oregon will continue their tear. This game should be over in the first half. Washington State 14 – Oregon 52

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Pac-12 Predictions Week 7

I was a bit busy this week so I didn’t have time to put in my USC-Arizona prediction. Sorry about that, but here is what I think will happen in the other games.

Last week: 3-1. Overall: 35-6

Oregon @ Washington: The way Oregon is playing, I don’t think Washington has a chance even though it’s in Seattle. Oregon 45 – Washington 17

Stanfurd @ Utah: Stanfurd just looks too good over a decent but not great Utah team. Stanfurd 48 – Utah 17

Colorado @ Arizona State: Even with a loss against Notre Dame, ASU still looks to be a major Pac-12 South contender and should be able to blow by Colorado. Arizona State 49 – Colorado 10

Oregon State @ Washington State: I wonder how Wazzu will play against a healthy secondary. Sigh. Oregon State 35 – Washington State 28


Pac-12 Predictions Week 6

It should be a fun game tonight in Utah and one with huge implications between Washington and Stanfurd this Saturday.

Last week: 3-1. Overall: 32-5

UCLA @ Utah: Bruins should be able to win this game with solid defense. UCLA 38 – Utah 14

Oregon @ Colorado: Oregon is looking too good. I don’t even think the thin air in Boulder will stop them. Oregon 52 – Colorado 20

Arizona State vs Notre Dame: This would be a huge win for Arizona State, especially after that big win against USC. This game might not be determined until the very end. Arizona State 38 – Notre Dame 35

Washington @ Stanfurd: I hate to keep picking our rivals, but that team is very solid right now. Washington 27 – Stanfurd 35


Pac-12 Predictions Week 5

Lots of exciting games this weekend in the Pac-12. Can the rising Cougars pull the upset of the year against Stanfurd?

Last week: 6-1. Overall: 29-4

Colorado @ Oregon State: Huge game for the Buffs and with the way the Beavers defense has been playing. I think the Buffs can pull it off. Colorado 35 – Oregon State 32

Arizona @ Washington: Washington looks really good right now and I expect their defense will be just as strong against Arizona. Arizona 14 – Washington 38

Stanfurd @ Washington State: I would be shocked if the Cougars win this one, but you never know with the Pac-12. Stanfurd 42 – Washington State 21

USC @ Arizona State: After a toss loss to Stanfurd, I think Arizona State can come back and get the win in front of their home crowd. USC 20 – Arizona State 24

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Pac-12 Predictions Week 4

I was SPOT ON about UCLA vs Nebraska AND I predicted the rest of the winners correctly. Not too shabby…

Last week: 9-0. Overall: 23-3

Idaho St @ Washington: The way Washington has been playing, this should be in the bag by the first half. Idaho St 3 – Washington 52

Utah St @ USC: I wouldn’t be surprised if Utah St pulled the upset here, but I’m going to say that USC will just barely survive this one. Utah St 13 – USC 17

Arizona St @ Stanfurd: HUGE game for both teams. ASU showed a lot of trouble against Wisconsin’s offense last week and I expect the same this Saturday. ASU 21 – Stanfurd 38

Oregon St @ San Diego St: It looks like Oregon State is on the way back after that terrible week 1 loss. Oregon St 42 – San Diego 10

Utah @ BYU: The Holy War! I’m a bit skeptical about Utah after their loss last week and a bit higher on BYU after their victory against Texas. Should be a close game to the end. Utah 24 – BYU 27

New Mexico St @ UCLA: Cupcake game for the Bruins. New Mexico St 7 – UCLA 42

Idaho @ Washington St: Cougars are looking better every week and this game should be an easy victory for them. Idaho 17 – Washington St 49

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Pac-12 Predictions Week 3

The Pac-12 went undefeated last week, and the Pac-12 North looks that much stronger with Washington State upsetting USC.

Last week: 7-1. Overall: 14-3

UCLA @ Nebraska: UCLA has a tough matchup but I think QB Brent Hundley will carry them to victory. UCLA  41 – Nebraska 21

Stanfurd @ Army: Stanfurd looks as good as they did last year so they shouldn’t have much trouble against Army. Stanfurd 52 – Army 13

Fresno State @ Colorado: Fresno State’s offense looks really good but I’m going to stick with Colorado at home. Fresno State 24 – Colorado 35

Boston College @ USC: I expect USC to come out with a fire after a huge upset loss against Washington State. Boston College 13 – USC 32

Tennessee @ Oregon: Oregon looks as good as ever and Tennessee doesn’t have a chance in Autzen. Tennessee 17 – Oregon 47

Washington @ Illinois: Illinois has been looking good but Washington looks better. Illinois 21 – Washington 47

Southern Utah @ Washington State: Washington State looks really good after their victory against USC and they shouldn’t have too much trouble with Southern Utah like Cal did last year. Southern Utah 14 – Washington State 34

Oregon State @ Utah: Both teams need this victory badly. Utah has looked better but you just never know with Oregon State. Utah 30 – Oregon State 32

UTSA @ Arizona: Arizona is looking dominant. They won’t have much trouble against UTSA. UTSA 10 – Arizona 55

Wisconsin @ Arizona State: This should be quite a showdown but Arizona State looks like a stronger team. Wisconsin 21 – Arizona State 31

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Pac-12 Predictions Week 2

So who the hell guessed Oregon State would go down to Eastern Washington? That game should keep every FBS team on their toes against their FCS opponents this week.

Last week: 7-2.

Sacramento State @ Arizona State: I don’t see any FCS upsets this week especially after what happened last weekend. Arizona State shouldn’t have much trouble. Sacamento St 3 – Arizona St 42

Weber State @ Utah: Utah had a tough victory against Utah State but this game should be much easier. I expect Utah to be a bit sluggish at start like the last game but get going after the first quarter. Weber State 10 – Utah 35

Oregon @ Virginia: This should be interesting because this game is played in Virginia. However, I expect Oregon to roll over them in the second half. Oregon 45 – Virginia 24

Central Arkansas @ Colorado: Colorado looked good and looked tough last week. It looks like Macintyre is working his magic. Central Arkansas 7 – Colorado 30

Hawaii @ Oregon State: After a crushing loss against Eastern Washington, Oregon State needs to pick up the pieces and get back to business. Hawaii 14 – Oregon State 44

Arizona @ UNLV: This game should not be a problem for Arizona. As long as they don’t defeat themselves, Arizona will crush UNLV. Arizona 52 – UNLV 7

Washington State @ USC: Wazzu showed a lot of toughness last week against Auburn and they felt that they should have won. The game will be closer than most people will think, but I do think USC will take it late. Washington State 24 – USC 34

San Jose State @ Stanfurd: If MacIntyre was still there, I would call the upset. However, since he is not, Stanfurd should be able to get the win. San Jose State 13 – Stanfurd 27


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