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Jason A.W.’s Pac 10 Non-Conference Schedule Analysis

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Casey Strips Cam

Oregon plays Auburn in the last game for the Pac-10 in during BCS Era

Before embarking on a new era of Pac-12 football, let us take some time and reflect on the Pac-10 non-conference record during the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) era (1998-2010). In a three part series, I will first go over the numbers and facts from the Pac-10’s performance in non-conference play from a high level point of view. I will  secondly go over the top 5 toughest losses and then lastly go over the top 5 most important victories for the Pac-10 during the BCS era. Thanks to some help from the writers at, I have replicated the Pac-10 non-conference schedule during those 13 years below. Apologies for the edit as the original chart did not include the 2010 bowl games in which the Pac-10 went 2-2. Full results for all conference can be found here .

Pac-10 non-conference results during the BCS era (1998-2010)

Notes and Analysis:

– The Pac-10 and the Southeastern Conference (SEC) were the only conferences with winning records against other BCS conferences and Notre Dame.

– The SEC has a winning record against every other conference except the Pac-10 and the Big East believe it or not. However a lot of those wins took place early in the decade when Miami (FL.) and Virginia Tech were still in the Big East.

– While the Pac-10 does own a winning record against the SEC, USC owns four of those wins (4-0). In addition, the last four SEC wins were against Tennessee.

– The Pac-10 accumulated a better than .500 winning percentage against BCS teams while playing more than half of those games as away games (118 vs. 112 home+neutral site).

– Future Pac-12 member Colorado was 4-9 against the Pac-10 members when they represented the Big-12 while Utah was 10-8 against the Pac-10 while in the Mountain West.

– The Pac-10 was 10-5 (.666) winning percentage in BCS bowl games. Even without USC (6-1), the Pac-10 is still .500 (4-4)  in the BCS bowl games. Every other conference aside from the SEC is under .500 in BCS bowl games.

Next up: Five Most Devastating Losses in the Pac-10 Era. 

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