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Get to know a Coach: Tosh Lupoi


Tosh Lupoi Giving Signals to the Defense

There is a reason why at the young age of 30 years old that Tosh Lupoi is one of best position coaches and recruiter in the entire nation. He is charismatic, energetic, knowledgable, and most of all passionate. He is a friend to every single Cal football player (even players from other schools) that has ever met him. Players find him relatable not only because of his young age but due to their mutual love for Cal football. This is why he was Rivals Recruiter of the Year in 2010. There is a reason why Cal has sent so many defensive linemen to the NFL in the past few years, it is because of Tosh Lupoi.

His success as coach comes from his ability to teach the fundamentals but also understanding the game at an extremely high level. Freshman defensive linemen always come with a certain level of potential and at some schools they reach that potential, but in others they don’t. However, under Tosh Lupoi not only do our defensive linemen reach a level they have never dreamed of, they are taught discipline, knowledge, and respect. Most of our Cal defensive linemen have the greatest personalities and characters anywhere, which is almost inconceivable because of how vicious they are on the field.

He was a former De La Salle High School player before joining Cal. His father who played at Brigham Young was a part-time assistant coach at Cal. At Cal, he had to fight injury over and over again, but still played his heart out every single snap. He then continued as a Graduate Assistant for a couple years under former defensive line coaches Ken Delgado and BIll Dutton. In 2008, Jeff Tedford named Tosh Lupoi as the youngest full-time coach in Cal history. He has been the mentor to two first round NFL draft picks Cameron Jordan and Tyson Alualu, and numerous other great Cal lineman in the NFL including Brendon Mebane and Derrick Hill.

Expect a continued level of greatness from Tosh Lupoi next season and every single season after.

– nice D-Line Montague [Tosh Lupoi @ 0:13]

For More Visit His Profile: Tosh Lupoi

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