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Cal’s Worst Case Scenario 2011 Part 2/2


Cal Football Blog will take a look at Worst and Best Case Scenario for our Cal Football team this 2011 season.

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With so many new faces, new leaders, and new coaches there are many possibilities for Cal Football. However, many sports analyst project Cal at second or third to last in the Pac-12 North because of a lack of returning stars for Cal while coming off Jeff Tedford’s first losing season in 9 years. No hype and no expectations. Maybe that’s a good thing for Cal.


See Part 1 if you missed it.

October 29th, 2011 vs UCLA Bruins @ Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA:

With four losses in a row, Head Coach Jeff Tedford is facing an enormous amount of heat from the media and the fans. Tedford knows that he has only won in Los Angeles once in his head coaching career, but he keeps his team pumped up and ready to perform. The Bruins are facing as many problems as Cal this season with an underperforming quarterback and a head coach, Rick Neuheisel, who may get fired at the end of the season. The Bruins need this win as much as Cal does. However, once the game begins both offenses struggle to make anything happen as both sides create their own turnovers, but neither can capitalize on them. In the first quarter the score is 3-0 UCLA. In the second quarter, Cal’s offense starts to have some momentum going as Maynard and Sofele are able to lead a 75 yard drive for the first touchdown of the game. However, both teams still continue to struggle to score not because of great defense but because of the struggling offenses. At halftime the score is 10-3 Cal. In the second half, Cal’s offense finally picks it up as Maynard is able to connect to both Keenan Allen and Marvin Jones on multiple occasions. This allows Cal’s running game to open up and allows Isi Sofele to complete a 40 yard touchdown run. The only scores that UCLA can make are a few field goals because QB Kevin Prince continues to throw incompletions one after another. The Cal offense isn’t spectacular but they get the job done while the Cal defense never lets up. Final score, 30-9 Cal. UCLA has 40 yards rushing and 42 yards passing while Cal has 180 yards rushing and 170 yards passing. “Our guys played hard today even though we were playing pretty sloppy, but we’ll take whatever we can get,” says Tedford.

Cal 0verall record: [3-5]

November 5th, 2011 vs Washington State Cougars @AT&T Park, San Francisco:

In the 2010 season, Cal barely defeated the Cougars even though the Cougars had yet to win a conference game in two seasons. Washington State has slowly become a better team with players like Jeff Tuel and Marquess Wilson. However, Washington State’s offensive line is overmatched by Cal’s defense, forcing Tuel to scramble and make bad decisions. Even though the Cal offense is still shaky with full of issues, the offense is much more athletic and skilled than the Washington State defense. Maynard is able to make big plays on his feet while connecting with his receivers both in the pocket and on the run. With a slightly improved offensive line, Isi Sofele is able to break out and make long runs, allowing Cal to make easy scores near the Red Zone. At half time the score is 27-3 Cal. In the second half, Washington State starts to show a little life as Tuel and Wilson are able to connect on a 30 yard touchdown pass. However, Cal continues to keep their heads up and perform offensively. Cal’s running game and passing game is no match for Washington State’s defense, as Cal is able to increase the lead to 31 points at the end of the third quarter, allowing Cal’s starters to rest the entire fourth quarter. The final score is 47-13 Cal. Washington State has 42 yards rushing and 82 yards passing while Cal has 250 yards rushing and 215 yards passing. “We continued to attack and got to the quarterback. We never stopped brining the pressure,” says DL Trevor Guyton.

Cal overall record:[4-5]

November 12th, 2011 vs Oregon State Beavers @ AT&T Park, San Francisco:

After winning two games in a row, Cal has gained back some confidence and a little swagger. However, Cal faces a tough test from Oregon State, who always seem to show up with full force against Cal. Jaquizz Rodgers is no longer with the Beavers, but the other Rodgers brother WR James Rodgers is still there and he is 100% against Cal. In the first half, Oregon State QB Ryan Katz is having a great game as he is able to connect to Rodgers on multiple occasions while the Cal secondary struggle to contain him. However, Cal’s offense is able to keep ground with the Beavers as Isi Sofele and Covaughn Deboskie-Johnson are able to weave through the Beaver defense for big gains. It seems that Oregon State is sticking to their air attack while Cal maintains the pounding on the ground. The scrappy first half score is tied at 17-17. In the second half, the Beaver’s defense is able to contain Cal’s running game and continue to keep pace with Cal’s receivers. Cal’s defense continue to struggle against Oregon State’s passing game because Ryan Katz is on target all game. Oregon State slowly starts to pull away as Cal struggle to keep up with the Beavers. The final score is 37-20 Oregon State. Oregon state has 100 yards rushing and 240 yards passing while Cal has 150 yards rushing but only 70 yards passing. “Ryan was very focused today and our defense kept Cal’s offense at bay the entire game,” says Oregon State head coach Mike Riley.

Cal overall record:[4-6]

November 19th, 2011 vs Stanford Cardinals @ Stanford Stadium, Palo Alto, CA:

On the opposite side of the Bay, the Stanford Cardinals are having a great season with a likely chance of going to another BCS bowl under Heisman candidate Andrew Luck. This game is like the 2010 Big Game all over again, with Andrew Luck hitting all his receivers and avoiding sacks all game. In the first half, the Cal defense struggle with Stanford’s passing game as Luck is able to find open receivers on almost every passing play. On the offensive side for Cal, Maynard and Co. can’t find a way to outsmart Stanford’s defense while the offensive line struggle to contain Stanford’s pass rushers. The first half is so bad that by half time some Cal fans have already left the game. First half score is 34-3. In the second half, Cal just tries to keep playing hard and keep their head up even though a comeback is very unlikely. Cal makes a few scores and stops here and there but it’s not enough to close the gap on the score. In the fourth quarter, both teams bench their starters and put in their second and third teams. Final score 44-24 Stanford, and the Stanford fans rushes the field as they hold on to the Axe. Stanford has 175 yards rushing and 270 yards passing while Cal has 100 yards rushing and 100 yards passing. Cal is now officially out of bowl eligibility. “It’s a sad day to be a Bear,” says a Cal fan.

Cal overall record: [4-7]

November 25th, 2011 vs Arizona State @ Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, AZ:

This game is very important for Arizona State because if they beat Cal, Arizona State will represent the Pac-12 South in the Pac-12 Championship Game. Cal does not want to end the season with another loss, so the Cal offense come out with a bang as Isi Sofele is able to break out a 60 yard and a 40 yard touchdown run. However, in the second quarter the Sun Devil defense is able to clamp down as LB Vontaze Burfict is able to fill up the holes on defense. The first half score is 14-3 Cal. In the second half, the Sun Devil offense is able to pick up pace as the Cal defense is caught on their heels. Sun Devil QB Brock Osweiler is able to connect with his receivers on cross routes and screens, while his receivers find space to run after they catch the ball. At the third quarter, the Sun Devils are able to tie the game at 17-17. The fourth quarter becomes a struggle for both teams as both defenses are able to step it up and force both offenses to go three and out. The only score that both teams can manage is a single field goal. However, with only a minute left and the game tied at 20-20, Arizona State is able to score a touchdown on a 20 yard pass from Brock Osweiler. In the dying moments of the game, Cal is forced into a passing offense as they start on their own 20 yard line. Maynard is able to connect with his tight ends and receivers on a couple curls and screens allowing the Bears to get to the Sun Devil 30 yard line. However, with only moments left in the game Maynard forces a pass into the endzone towards Marvin Jones but the Sun Devil’s double coverage bats down the ball, ending the game. Final Score 27-20 Arizona State. The Cal players and coaches have nothing to say, as they go home after a disappointing season.

Cal Final Record: [4-8]

After the season worst case scenarios:

Tedford is on the hot seat for his job. Andrew Luck wins the Heisman. Stanford wins the Rose Bowl.

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  1. This is not even close to the worst case scenario. Worst case: 1-11 with the only win over Presby….by a field goal.

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