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Golden Bear Uniform Combinations Since 2008


Since 2008, Cal has been sporting a more fashionable  uniform which included more references to the bear with claw marks around the neck and on the legs along with a paw print on the back of the helment. Personally I didn’t find anything wrong with the uniforms worn from 2004 to 2007 , especially after the introduction of the gold uniforms in 2006 for night games. Maybe there was confusion between the uniforms Cal was wearing and the ones of West Virginia. Whatever the reason, since 2008, Cal has sported every uniform*pants combination (3×3) over the last three years. No, we are not the Oregon Ducks and have 384 combinations, (I’m going to venture and guess it’s 4 helmets (black, green, yellow, white) * 4 uniforms * 4 pants *3 socks (black, green, white) * 2 shoes (black, white) = 384) but with 9 different combinations, it did make Cal fans who came early to the game curious on what colors the Golden Bears were going to sport for the day. With the new addition of the white helmets for away games, that would give us 3 more different uniform sets for 2011, though some are reporting we are sporting the storm-trooper look for only 1 game, which in theory would only give us 1 more set. Here is look on how we did with each set:

Marvin Jones runs for yards after the catch

Blue on Blue (5-2)

Wins : (Colorado State ’08, Stanford ’08, Maryland ’09, Arizona ’09, UC Davis ’10)

Losses: (Utah ’09, Stanford ’10)

Comments: The mainstream home uniforms has produced relative success sporting a 5-2 record. My guess is this uniform is standard for the home opener (unless Cal wears Yellow on Blue), Big Games, and Bowl Games.

Syd' Quan Thompson lines up on defense

Blue on Yellow (4-1)

Wins: (UCLA ’08, Eastern Washington ’09, Washington State ’09, Colorado ’10)

Losses: (Washington ’10)

Comments: For most of the 80s and 90s, Cal used some combination of a navy blue top and yellow pants. My guess is that we wear this as homage to the past.

Shane Vareen looks for a running lane

Blue on White (3-0)

Wins: (Arizona State ’08, Washington ’08, Arizona State ’10)

Losses: N/A

Comments: I’m not sure why we don’t wear these more often. We had a 50 and 48 point game with this set which appears to be the de facto ASU home uniforms.

Jeremy Ross returns a punt

White on White (5-4)

Wins:  (Washington State ’08, Minnesota ’09, Arizona State ’09, Stanford ’09, Washington State ’10)

Losses: (Arizona ’08, Oregon State ’08, Washington ’09, Nevada ’10)

Comments: The default road uniforms, the white on whites give a pretty clean look and is my personal favorite.

Jahvid Best runs in for 6

White on Yellow (1-2)

Wins: (UCLA ’09)

Losses: (Maryland ’08, Oregon State ’10)

Comments: Cal used to wear the white and yellow combination in the early 2000s, and throughout the 80s and 90s.

Cameron Morrah attempts to catch a pass

White on Blue (0-4)

Wins: N/A

Losses: (USC ’08, Oregon ’09, Arizona ’10, USC ’10)

Comments: Message to the equipment managers: Try to avoid white on blue. It has resulted in either painfully close losses (9-10 vs. Arizona, 3-17 vs. USC) or straight up blowouts (3-42 vs. Oregon, 14-48 vs. USC)

Cameron Jordan records a sack

Yellow on Blue (3-1)

Wins: (Michigan State ’08, Miami ’08, UCLA ’10)

Losses: (USC ’09)

Comments: The standard alternate uniform. The USC loss in 2009 broke a streak of 6 straight wins in the mustard colored uniforms dating back to 2006.

Verran Tucker makes a reception

Yellow on Yellow (1-1)

Wins: (Oregon ’08)

Losses: (Oregon ’10)

Comments: The banana suit uniforms appear to be standard against Oregon as we broke them out again to try to upset the #1 team in the nation, but it was not meant to be as we loss 13-15 in a hard fought game in 2010.

Kevin Riley scrambles from the pocket

Yellow on White (0-1)

Wins: N/A

Losses: (Oregon State ’09)

Comments: I personally think this combination is pretty sporty. But unfortunately it was only worn once and will be remembered as Jahvid’s last game and yet another loss to Oregon State.

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