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Get to Know a Coach: Clancy Pendergast

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Defensive Coordinator Clancy Pendergast

Forget the old bending but not break bulls***, Clancy Pendergast has brought in a new defense that is fiercely going after the opponent’s offense. In 2010, Clancy was one of only two defensive coordinators who could keep Oregon’s octane offense under 40 points in a game. He has been able to bring about a new energy to the defense that has never been seen under any of Tedford’s past defenses. Cal’s defense led the Pac-10 last season in Total Defense, Sacks, and Passing Defense. However, even with great overall numbers, whenever a very good, proven quarterback faced the Cal Defense, the secondary was not able to keep up. There is still a lot of work to be done with the Cal defense, but with another season under Pendergast, the Cal defense could potentially become the most dominant defense in the Pac-12.

In 2008, Clancy was only minutes away from winning the Super Bowl as the defensive coordinator with the Arizona Cardinals. However, it was not meant be, and the next season Pendergast left for the Kansas City Chiefs. 15 years in the NFL, Clancy Pendergast has been known to increase a defense’s ability to create turnovers and sacks as seen with his tenure at Arizona. Clancy has had a long career with football, starting professionally with Mississippi State as a graduate assistant in 1991.

Coaching History - source
2009	        Kansas City Chiefs
	        Defensive Coordinator/Secondary
2004-08	        Arizona Cardinals
	        Defensive Coordinator
2003	        Cleveland Browns
1996-2002	Dallas Cowboys
	        Defensive Backs (2001-02)
	        Defensive Nickel Package (2000)
	        Defensive Assistant/Quality Control (1996-99)
1995	        Houston Oilers
	        Defensive Assistant/Quality Control
1993-94	        Oklahoma
	        Graduate Assistant/Tight Ends
1992	        USC
	        Defensive Assistant
1991	        Mississippi State
	        Graduate Assistant

After working with the Kansas City Chiefs, Clancy Pendergast was supposed to become the defensive backs coach for the Oakland Raiders in 2010. However, when Cal’s former defensive coordinator Bob Gregory left the program, Tedford offered Clancy the defensive coordinator position (something Pendergast could not refuse). Tedford had known about Clancy through Carolyn Pendergast, Clancy’s sister, who used to work at Cal and currently works in Phoenix where she had helped with annual Pac-10 meetings. With the opportunity to bring Clancy to Cal, Tedford immediately took the chance to bring him into the Cal family. With only one year at Cal, Clancy has completely changed the culture of Cal’s defense. During practice all the players can hear the shouting, yelling, cursing, and instructing of Clancy Pendergast, as he makes sure that his players are mentally ready for the upcoming game. However, during games, Clancy is poised and confident as if he is in a middle of an intense chess match. His coaching has helped players like Chris Conte to come from nowhere to become an All-Pac 10 player. In the past season, Clancy has helped Chris Conte, Cameron Jordan, Mike Mohamed, Darian Hagan, Bryant Nnabuife, and Derrick Hill to reach the NFL.

Even with much success in the past season, Clancy Pendergast has a lot of work ahead of him as he MUST figure a way to stop elite quarterbacks of the Pac-12 from burning up the Cal secondary, while at the same time providing the best schemes to utilize the younger defensive players. However, Cal Fans can definitely put their trust in Coach Clancy Pendergast to bring the best defense every game.

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