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Jason A. W.’s Pac-12 Predictions: Week 1

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I’m projecting a 9-3 week for the Pac-12 this weekend. Not bad but not great. Obviously I hope I’m wrong and the Pac-12 goes 12-0. The Pac-12 play 3 teams from the WAC, including two which are considered upper echelon (Nevada being the other, and they play Oregon next week). The Pac-12 actually had a losing record against the WAC last year (0-2), granted they were against Nevada and Boise State on the road.

Montana St. (FCS) 10 – Utah 35: Montana State is an FCS team. They put a scare into Washington State last year losing 22-23, but Utah should win easy.

UC Davis (FCS) 10- Arizona State 48: UC-Davis opens up against another Pac-10/12 school this year. Arizona State uses this as a tune up game for the big showdown against Mizzou next week.

Minnesota (Big-10) 17 – USC 28: USC won pretty handily last year 32-21, but Lane Kiffin is still worried about overconfidence.

UCLA 27 – Houston (Conference USA) 45: UCLA won pretty handily last year 31-13 knocking out Case Keenam for the year when they were up 21-3. The Cougars will definitely be hungry for revenge.
Sacramento St. (FCS) 7 – Oregon St 30: The Beavers should handle Sacramento State with ease.
San Jose State 14 (WAC) – Stanford 45: The Andrew Luck Heisman Tour gets off to a fast start as Luck will be given a chance to pad his stats early in the year.
Idaho St 13 (FCS) – Washington St 21: The last 5 years, Wazzou’s opening games have included : @Auburn, @Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Stanford, and @Oklahoma State. Needless to say, this is a definite breather for a team looking to break out of the cellar this year.
E. Washington 16 (FCS) – Washington 41: Eastern Washington was the 2010 FCS Champions and the Huskies are breaking in Keith Price at QB but should still win easily. Eastern Washington doesn’t play as well off the red carpet.
Oregon 24 – LSU (SEC) 27: Trust me. I want to select Oregon. But the 3 large marquee games (Boise State, Ohio State, Auburn) which allowed for ample preparation for the spread option has resulted in (8, 17, 19) points for the Duck’s offense which means the Ducks would have to rely on their defense which now doesn’t have Casey Matthews, Kenny Rowe and Cliff Harris (1 game suspention). Yes, I know about the distractions and them missing their starting QB and #1 receiver Russell Shepard, but a lot of people believe and wanted Jarrett Lee to start over Jordan Jefferson and the pseudo “home-field” will put the Tigers over the top if I was a betting man.  LSU has not lost the Pac-10 since 1979 so please Oregon do us all a favor and win!!!
Northern Arizona 10 (FCS) –  Arizona 41: Nick Foles and Juron Criner’s aerial attack goes on full display before a huge game against #9 Oklahoma State at Boone Pickens next week.
Colorado 21 – Hawaii 39 (WAC): Hawaii is very tough to beat on the islands. Colorado won 31-13 last year. Ironically this game (because it’s being played in Hawaii) may damage the Buffalo’s bowl chances since they need 7 wins on a 13 game schedule to qualify for a bowl game.
Fresno St. 14 (WAC) – California 24: California relies heavily on defense and the running game while breaking in Zach Maynard.

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