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Gameday Snapshot: Cal vs Fresno State

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The 2011 season begins today for the California Golden Bears, with the team facing Fresno State at Candlestick Park.  Here are a few links to game previews, courtesy of our friends at California Golden Blogs:

FSU Offense

FSU Defense

Q&A with Bulldog Bounce

Cal’s 3 quick keys for success:

1. Win the Trenches

Fresno State has 4 new starters on the offensive line, and the Bulldogs’ defensive line is quick but lacks size.  Cal’s solid defensive line depth is a plus, which should allow the Bears to rotate fresh DL throughout the game.  Cal’s size advantage on the OL versus FSU’s DL should be a factor as well.  If Cal can win the battle in the trenches – starting with establishing the run on offense, and shutting it down on defense – it could mean a long day for Fresno.

2. Pressure Derek Carr

Fresno State QB Derek Carr, the heralded younger brother of former #1 NFL draft pick David Carr, is making his first career start.  Coach Pendergast no doubt will have special packages in place to confuse and put pressure on the young signal-caller.  The goal will be to apply solid pressure – both up front and from blitzes – and make FSU one-dimensional.

3. Be Solid on Special Teams

Former Cal special teams coach Pete Alamar is the current ST coach at FSU.  Coach Genyk and his special teams units should be on the lookout for trick plays, considering Alamar’s history and knowledge of Cal’s players and schemes.   Cal’s coverage units need to be disciplined and stay in their lanes, and win the field position battle.

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