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[Week 2] – Pac-12 Review

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Ready or not, here come the Sun Devils

Zero points were scored by Oregon State against 9th ranked Wisconsin. Sadly, this was probably a better performance than their week 1 loss to Sacramento State as the defense played decently given they were always losing the field position game because of the offense’s inability to move the ball. There’s a good chance this won’t be the last Pac-12 team Wisconsin plays this year as they are the most likely team from the Big-10 to make the Rose Bowl (or even more).

One big win by the Sun Devils on National TV will hold off all the mud slinging for at least one week. It required a coach icing his own kicker but I’m sure Arizona State will tell you they would rather be perceived as just simply “lucky” than to be “good but unlucky” like last year. Of course they will need follow through next week with a win at Illinois if they don’t want their stay in the top 25 to be short. The win was especially important since the day before rival Arizona got absolutely trampled by Oklahoma State again on Thursday night. The only silver lining was that it was being played on the debut of the NFL and hopefully not too many people were flipping in between the two channels.

Two big extra points blocked didn’t come back to bite either team. ASU missed an extra point after going up 16-10, but was able to pull it off in overtime. Cal missed an early extra point, but was able to convert on a crucial 1st and 30 and steal a huge game in terms of bowl implications from the Buffaloes in Boulder.

Three wins over the WAC unfortunately doesn’t prove much even though they are against two of the WAC’s best schools this week (Remember Boise State is playing in the Mountain West this year). Oregon’s Darron Thomas threw for 6 TDs (though he didn’t remember) as the Ducks easily dispatched Nevada in Eugene. Washington showed signs of a great offense and they put up 40 points against Hawaii though the defense gave up 32. They will need a better performance from the defense if they want to pull off another upset against Nebraska next week. UCLA played in from of a half-empty Rose Bowl as you wonder how many fans decided not to come after their opening day loss to Houston. Hopefully there will be a better showing by the Baby Bears in their play and fan participation as Texas revisits the Rose Bowl for the third time in five years.

Four touchdowns by Andrew Luck allowed the Cardinals to easily get by Duke 44-14 in the battle of top 10 U.S. News Ranked Schools. Unfortunately, Stanford’s non-conference opponents (San Jose State, Duke, Notre Dame) are all 0-2 so Stanford is going to need those teams to start winning fast along with the rest of the Pac-12 if they hope to make the National Championship Game.

Five TDs by Marshall Lobbestael show the Cougars might not strictly just be about Jeff Tuel. Last year, they proved (ask Oregon State, California, Washington) they were not an easy out on the schedule and with a win at San Diego State next week, will be in a good position to make a bowl game with just three more victories in the Pac-12.

Six extra points were added to USC’s inaugural Pac-12 victory over Utah. The Vegas spread was 8.5 points so essentially Las Vegas had to almost pay out double. If you had Utah +8.5 and cashed within the first two hours you were paid. If you had USC -8.5, I sure hope you didn’t throw away you ticket because it’s now considered a winner.

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