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[NFL 2011 Regular Season Week 2] – Cal Alumni News

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Week 2 provided to be a hit or miss week for fantasy football owners of Cal alumni. Jahvid Best, Aaron Rodgers, and Tony Gonzalez all had 2 touchdowns while I sure hope Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett and DeSean Jackson were on your team’s bench. Here are some news for former Golden Bears who don’t play the “skilled positions.”

Brian de la Puente lines up in front of former Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees during practice

Brian de la Puente’s had an inadvertent false start which led to a field-goal attempt near the end of the half for the Saints in their 30-13 wins against the Bears. His local community did a good article on his accomplishments to get to the NFL which included a strong preseason to be able to make the final 53 man roster for the Saints.

Ryan Longwell had an interesting take on how much kickers should work on tackling. Longwell had been relishing the relative lack of attention Vikings camp had received the last year. Recall, Longwell was one of the 3 Vikings along with Steve Hutchinson and Jared Allen who flew a personal jet to Brett Favre’s Mississippi ranch to convince him to come back in 2010.

Dante Hughes attempts to sack Kevin Kolb during an NFL preseason football game

Dante Hughes received praise from Bill Belichick on being a very underrated nickelback along with complements from the Patriot’s offensive coordinator.

Andre Carter has played for many coaches during his 11-year career but calls Bill Belichick the best motivator of the bunch. Carter has found new life and feels revitalized after joining the Patriots which was reflected in a great Monday Night performance last week.

Scott Fujita makes one of his five tackles during week 2 of the 2011 NFL season against the Colts

Scott Fujita did not like the message the NFL was sending by grandfathering Terrelle Pryor’s 5 game NCAA suspension into the NFL as he, along with many others, feels NCAA and NFL sanctions should remain separate entities. On the field, his leadership was attributed as a reason why the Browns were able to bounce back from their week 1 loss to the Bengals to beat the Colts. This leadership was missing last year as the locker room felt a missing presence once he went down with injury.

Nnamdi Asomugha looks forward to a potential long term rivalry defending against New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks. As the most sought after free agent in the 2011 summer, Asomugha took a different approach to join the “dream team” of the NFL and has received great praised for his humbleness. Asomugha was also featured on Good Morning America for his recent philanthropy which allows underprivileged kids to take tours of universities while in high school.

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