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Behind Enemy Lines: Washington Huskies

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Washington is currently 2-1 with the loss coming from top ranked Nebraska. However, their two wins against FCS Eastern Washington and WAC member Hawaii were not impressive. The Husky defense is  last in the conference in scoring (36.7 ppg) and 11th in total defense (452.0). However, the Golden Bears will have a tough test from the Husky offense. QB Keith Price has already thrown for 11 TDs with a 165.92 Rating. He has an amazing weapon, WR Jermain Kearse who can really hurt the Cal secondary just like Colorado’s Paul Richardson did two weeks ago. Of course, we can’t forget about Heisman hopeful RB Chris Polk who ran in the last second touchdown from the Bear’s one yard line to eliminate the Bears from bowl contention in 2010. Cal and Washington may be a very equal match up as indicated from the Vegas spread of only 1 point.

Let’s Compare the Statistics between Zach Maynard vs Keith Price:


 Stats Zach Maynard   Keith Price
 PER 140.54   165.92
 TD  11
 INT  3
 Passing Yards 724   691
COMP/ATT -% 49/95 – 51.6%   56/87 -64.4%
 Yards/ATT 7.6   7.9
 ATT/G 31.7   29.0
 Yards/G 241.3   230.3

Their stats are about the same all except the very important Pass Efficiency Rating. Keith Price has a much higher PER meaning that his accuracy and his ability to get the ball to his receivers are much better. However, if we account for about 10 dropped passes from Cal’s receivers, Zach Maynard would just about have the same PER as Price. If Cal’s receivers step up their game, Zach Maynard will have as good as a game or better than Keith Price. The wild card for the Golden Bears is that Zach Maynard is a better runner than Keith Price, especially with Price’s sprained knees.

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