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Jason A.W.’s Cal vs. Oregon 2nd Quarter Analysis

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Autzen is rocking after two touchdowns in the 1st quarter, can the Bears respond?

-Bears can’t take advantage of grounding by Darron Thomas and are forced 3 and out. Running game needs to get established as the defense may start tiring out soon.

-Cal has been able to contain LMJ from big gains as long as he doesn’t get to the outside.

-Cal finally converts a 1st down. But seems like the Bears will punt again. Seems as if the Offensive Coordinator needs to start moving Maynard out of the pocket.

-Long field goal brings cal within 5 points. I’m guessing most of us expected a punt there. If Giorgio had missed, it would have given the ball to Oregon near mid field so that was a huge boost by Cal special teams.

-Cal gets burned to the outside again. Maybe Cal needs to show more zone so there are more guys in the secondary facing the backfield?

-Owusu makes a nice pass deflection to give the Bears nice field position.

-Isi finally finds some daylight. Maybe this will get Isi going.

-Calvin drops a very catchable ball. Cal really needs a slot receiver to step up. Wonder what Cal is going to do on 3rd and very long. KA21 with a huge grab to convert on 3rd and 19.

-Maynard with a bullet to get the Bear’s first touchdown of the game and to reclaim the lead.

-A little early to try to get 2 points? Only time will tell.

-LMJ breaks a big one down the middle, Kendricks was able to chase James down. Would he have made it if he just kept running towards the outside?

-Oregon converts its first down on 3rd and very long. Freshman McClure needs to make that tackle next time.

-Field goal attempt by Oregon missed. Hopefully Cal can keep the ball for the rest of the half. Big 3rd down attempt coming here. Maynard had the tight end wide open.

-Thomas makes a terrible decision to throw the ball off his back-foot. Chip Kelly is undefeated when leading at the half so that was a huge play by Campbell. Let’s see if Cal can get some points before the end of the half. Wonder if Tedford tries to throw one deep to KA21 or Marvin Jones.

-Looks like there was the stop. KA21 with a 3rd down conversion. Wonder what we do with 12 seconds.

-I’d like to see Maynard throw a back shoulder play to the corner of the end-zone.

-Maynard barely gets the ball away. Needed to throw that harder to the ground. Let’s see if Giorgio can convert.

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