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Cal Still Cannot Get Over USC’s Mystique

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California has yet to catch up with USC 2 years into its probation

Eight years and eight USC victories. The story of my life for anyone who entered Cal as a freshman in 2004 like I did. We heard all about 2003. The upset, 34-31, storming of the field, and a promise this was a sign for things to come. Unfortunately, replays from that historic night, September 27th, 2003, as still the only replay Comcast can show of the Bears taking on the Trojans in recent times. I’m tired of watching the same game highlights of Aaron Rodgers getting hurt, Reggie Robertson throwing the same touchdowns and Tyler Fredrickson nailing the game winner followed by the same students storming onto the field after the game. We were competitive for the most part initially at first losing on last minute drive against elite teams in 2004 and 2007, then playing in 2006 even until the 4th quarter. However, recently it has been one embarrassing blowout one night or the other including the one last Thursday 30-9. It doesn’t matter who we’ve had: Aaron Rodgers, DeSean Jackson, or Marshawn Lynch. What uniforms we wore: Joe Roths or Yellows. The weather or time of day. Jeff Tedford is now 1-9 against USC over his career. If Tedford hopes to keep his job , he’s going to need to start beating teams in red uniforms soon (Stanford included) or else he might only have a one year honeymoon with new Memorial Stadium. A stadium which is was largely responsible for building. The Bears need to realize if we don’t start beating USC now, at least once before it hits 2 digits, the pain of finally ending the streak we get more and more daunting every year. Whether the Trojans still have the mystique they did in the early to mid 2000s, much like the early Yankees and Celtics teams did in which they psychologically have the momentum of the game before the clock counts down is debatable. But Washington has found a way to break through the past two years and Stanford has beaten USC 3 out of the last 4. But with new potential recruits who would could fill position of great need(offensive line and wide receiver) and Shaq Thompson looking on, it was clear the Bears have much to do if they ever want to live up to their “California” name.

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