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Every week Cal Football Blog will look at 5 most intriguing questions before Game Day.

1. Is Zach Maynard really our best quarterback?

The short answer is yes. He performed the best over spring to fall camp and Tedford trusts him. However, Zach Maynard accounted for 4 of Cal’s 5 turnovers against USC. He seems to try to force plays that aren’t there while showing a lot of discomfort as a pocket passer. Zach looked more comfortable rolling out to his left when he passes. As of now, QB coach Marcus Arroyo and Tedford, the former QB guru, is not getting the fixes needed for Zach to compete against the speed of the PAC-12.

2. How hot is Tedford’s seat?

Let’s just say that it is getting warmer. He will not get fired nor will he step down even if the Bears don’t make a bowl. He is the reason that there is a high expectation at Cal and the reason that the SAHPC is being built. However, starting 0-3 in conference play is does not help at all. The Bear’s schedule should be better , but if they do not win the next 3/4 games to gain a bowl bid, the Cal fan base will become furious. There are already frustration from the fan base towards Tedford, so if the Bears don’t make a bowl game this season, Tedford’s seat will be very hot next season.

3. After starting 0-3 in conference play, can the Bears turn it around?

It is very possible for the Bears to win the next four teams. Cal will play Utah this Saturday, who is also 0-3 in conference play with their starting QB Jordan Wynn out for the game. However, they had a great defensive performance against Pitt last Saturday. The good thing is that the game is at home. After that Cal will face UCLA, Washington State, and Oregon state. Cal will most likely be favored for all those games, but Cal has been known to lose one or two of those should-win games. The good thing right now is that the young players is picking things up faster while most of the veteran players are fairly healthy. With strong leadership and coaching, Cal has a great chance at winning out the next four games.

4. How will the health of the defense effect Cal for the next few games?

The biggest concern on the defense is Cal’s most solid player, Mychal Kendricks. He is still a maybe for Utah’s game. His backup is JP Hurrell or Robert Mullins, both are smart players but not nearly as productive as Mychal Kendricks. While Marc Anthony was out, true freshman Stefan McClure did a solid job in containing Robert Woods to under 40 yards receiving. Marc is still questionable for Utah, but Cal should be okay at CB as long as everyone else stays healthy.

5. Will the offense actually do something against Utah?

Luckily Cal has one of the best wide receivers in the nation in Keenan Allen. However, Maynard sometimes forces too many balls to him. Overall, the wide receivers have been very solid for the offense. The only issue may be the offensive line trying to give Maynard a little more protection and just a little better run blocking for Isi because Cal’s running game was nowhere against USC. However, the offensive line’s discipline has become much better under Coach M and the snaps have been much better. It looks like Coach M is slowly improving the offensive line. However, one big injury on the offense, may really hurt the Bears because of the lack of depth.

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