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Cal vs.Oregon State First Half In-Game Analysis

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The Bears warmup in AT&T Park before their game against the Beavers

– I’ve been impressed with how well the Bears have been running the ball. Isi finally breaks a 40+ yarder.

– Cal’s defense getting great penetration. So far 3-points on the defense doesn’t seem too bad.

– Seems as if Maynard is spreading out the ball from his usual two targets.

– Great throw by Maynard to put the Bears on the board. Calvin’s first touchdown in his 5th year, congrats!

– Oregon State seemed to move the ball well this possession, but was greatly slowed by a 15 yard chop block.

– Even with a poor spot, Bears have been moving the ball extremely effectively on the ground this play. Bears are able to get over their holding penalty to sustain the drive, something the Beavers were not able to get over.

– Beavers raise the stupid false-start penalties from the Bears with another 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty.  Maynard then busts out a great option run for a Bear’s touchdown! Those penalties, erase a lot of time and leave the Beavers with only about a minute to do something.

– The drag routes are absolutely killing the Bears on this drive. Marc Anthony with a nice deflection. Jeff Tedford’s icing attempt fails again.

– C.J. Anderson has ability to break arm-tackles up the middle and came up with a huge reception before Maynard hits his brother on a nice seam route.

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