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To get some of you pumped up for the Big Game, lets take a look at the greatest play in college football history. The kickoff return that won the game during the 1982 Cal-Stanford Big Game.

This game is similar to the one this Saturday in that Cal was an underdog and Stanford’s QB (John Elway) was a Heisman Candidate, who lost his first game big to Cal just like Andrew Luck did. Here is a good wrap-up of The Play from wikipedia. Maybe tomorrow, history will repeat itself.


Author: ShawnXT

I am a big time sports fan. I love my LA Lakers (don't hate) and my CAL Golden Bears (duh). I pretty much watch any sport, so when the Olympics are on don't bother me. I love finding great food. The website I work for and also use ALL THE TIME for food is I'm always looking to find great food and something unique. I watch way too many shows and movies and still looking for more, so if you got any great shows or movies to recommend, please tell me!

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