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Jason A.W.’s Cal vs. ASU First Half in Game Analysis

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Kennan Allen looks to get open for a lot of bombs this evening in Tempe

– We’ll see how much Arizona State has to play for after Colorado’s win today eliminates ASU’s chance at the Pac-12 Championship Game.

– Great first drive for Cal, anybody know who Jackson Bouza was before today? Giorgio comes up with a clutch 48 yard kick to give the Bears an early lead. Cal 3-0

– Cal is going to need to step up their running game defense against Marshall and Osweiler if they don’t want to get blown out tonight. Our run defense got cut through like swiss cheese that drive. ASU 7-3

– Cal looks great in their response drive. Great run by Isi. I’m surprised Isi attempted to reverse the field on that play, but it worked. Isi caps off a nice drive and runs it in to give the Bears the lead.

– Craig and Mike keep mentioning about Zach Maynard’s accuracy is starting to get annoying.

– Trevor Guyton with a great strip and Kendricks with a big run back after special teams rears its ugly head again (ALLLOOOMMAARRR?).

– I like the aggressive play calling and going for the bomb right after the turnover. Great read by Maynard to get the touchdown. Love to see more zone read plays on 3rd and short.

– Great analysis by the announcers pointing out how Cal is playing with 4 down linemen because of injuries to Wilkerson and Whiteside.

– Steve Williams is having a rough night, gets beat on an out route for an ASU touchdown.

– Cal can’t get the stop on 4th and 10 (good aggresive call by Erickson in my opinion). Negates a nice deflection by Marc Anthony the play earlier.

– Great 3rd down conversion by Cal, to overcome a 10 yard holding penalty. Miller with a big catch. Would like more plays thrown to Miller.

– Nice reverse negated by a block in the back followed by another holding call negating a nice screen play to Allen.

– Nice interception, glad to get 3, would have been nice to get 7 to really put down the Sun Devils.

– If Cameron Marshall can’t play, ASU will likely go to the air more like they did on the converted 4th and 10 (ughhhh why can’t we stop these?). Being the Sun Devils within 6.

– Richard Rodgers probably tried doing a little too much so the ruling on the field of fumble might be hard to overturn. This is a huge play as it looks rather ambiguous whether he was down. Cal defense needs to come up big here and hold them for a field goal attempt.

– Cal down 1. Cal let’s a couple of golden chances to keep a big lead go by them (score a TD, 4th and 10, secure the football).

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