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It’s Tough in the Pac-12

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The Pac-12 schedule may be the hardest schedule in all of college football. The Pac-12 and the Big 12 are the only conferences who play 9 conference games. The Big 12 was forced to play round robin after Nebraska and Colorado left the conference, and they are now finding out how tough it is to stay undefeated (just take a look at Oklahoma State). It is almost impossible for any Pac-12 team to come out of the conference unscathed, so kudos to the 2010 Oregon team and the 2004 USC team that went undefeated in conference play. Conferences like the SEC claim that they only have to play 8 games because teams in their conference are much better, but that is only because their rankings are overly hyped and biased. I bet that if LSU was in the Pac-12 they would have at least one loss right now. Only the toughest survive the Pac-12.


The Circle of Parity of the Pac-12

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