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[NFL 2011 Regular Season Week 13] – Cal Alumni News

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The Hawk takes flight in an attempt to score a touchdown

Lavelle Hawkins began to take his career as a wide receiver more seriously this offseason and it has paid dividends in terms of playing time and production after Kenny Britt went down with an injury. Hawkins has received praise from the Titans’ offensive coordinator Chris Palmer and is expected to play an important role in the Titan’s playoff push and hopes to show off his touchdown celebration dances in the meantime.

Nick Sundberg answers some questions about playing long-snapper. Sundberg had a long journey to the NFL by ways of the UFL which gave him some recognition this past week. Sundberg has played a consistent long-snapper position this past year and if one of the few bright spots on a 4-8 Redskins team.

Scott Fujita looks on in at game at the Superdome

Scott Fujita’s season might be over on the field, but that hasn’t stopped him from making contribution off the field in support same-sex marraige which has received accolades from Bill Clinton. I think Jerome Simpson is glad Fujita’s season is over, as Scott clearly used Jedi tactics to shove Simpson aside after this fumble.

Andre Carter has been seeing a lot more double teams this season, especially after his 4 sack performance on Mark Sanchez and the Jets on Sunday Night Football. Carter thought his career was over before signing with the Patriots, after a mediocre 2010 following a superb 2009 in Washington and his excitement can be seen during this phone transcript.

Brian De La Puente has flourished in his starting role at Center

Brian De La Puente has been starting to earn the Saints’ trust as he snaps the ball to a former Super Bowl MVP and performed well on Sunday Night Football as he took advantage of Ndamukong Suh’s absence. Most Saints fans don’t know who De La Puente is, and that’s probably a good thing since centers are usually only called out after holding penalties or bad snaps. His improved play has given him a boost in his Madden 12 rating.

Zack Follet retired from the NFL earlier this season. But the Pain Train admitted Jay Culter was his favorite QB to hit because of the smirk he wore on his face. Follet currently is coaching football in Bucks, England.

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