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[2011 Holiday Bowl] Cal vs. Texas : First Half Analysis

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The Bears hope to leave SD winners tonight

– Texas appears to be trying to establish the run early.

– Gutsy 4th down call by Mack Brown pays off

– Pretty fortunate ball was touched by a longhorn avoids a disastrous start for the Bears.

– Maynard looks great converting 2 pivotal 3rd downs.

– Great field goal to bail us out despite the penalties.

– Our defense is swarming Ash, I wonder how much longer till we see McCoy.

– Maynard isn’t moving the ball that much more effectively than Ashe, we have looked sloppy on our exchanges and hikes tonight.

– Hopefully we can hold them to a field goal attempt after an inexcusable dropped mesh between Maynard and Anderson. [Wide left!]

– Ugh , Angar shanks a punt. It’s so obviously now we are throwing too many bubble screens to KA21 and Maynard is always rolling to his left.

– Wow defensive breakdown on the TE on that play gives Texas a huge boost. That was a pretty nifty trick play called by Harsin.

– Great return is nullified by inability to gain much on first down. Our offense is moving backwards. Terrible we can’t even get a field goal attempt on that last drive.

– Looks like this will be a war of attrition folks. Game will probably be won on field position.

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