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Another Commit for Cal

WR Chris Harper has verbally commited to Cal.

“Cal is kind of like a dream school for me,” Harper told ESPN’s Greg Biggins. “I visited in the summer with Bryce [Treggs] and fell in love with the place. They recruited me all year, but I had no idea if they were going to offer me or not.

“On Saturday, I talked to Coach Tedford, and he told me they were offering me a scholarship and he wanted me to be a Bear. I couldn’t believe it. I was seriously blown away. I wanted to commit right there on the spot, but I knew I had to talk to my dad first. When I told him I wanted to switch to Cal, he wasn’t too happy at first, but we discussed it again Tuesday night and decided Cal was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.”


  • Rivals: 60th best recruit in California, 76th best wide receiver
  • ESPN: 102nd best wide receiver, 83rd best recruit in California
  • 247Sports: 60th best recruit in California, 82nd best wide receiver
  • Scout: 75th best wide receiver

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Holiday Bowl Random Facts

DeSean Jackson celebrates with the game ball 5 years ago in the 2006 Holiday Bowl

– The 1984 BYU team lead by Robbie Bosco won the 1984 National Championship after winning the Holiday Bowl despite beating a 6-5 Michigan team. This marked the last time a Non-AQ team won the National Championship (outside a few random computers which voted Utah the champion back in 2009). BYU at the time was part of the WAC. The Holiday Bowl was the best tie-in available for them which lead to reforms for the non-AQ schools’ bowl tie-ins.

– BYU played in the first 7 Holiday Bowls. For those who thought BYU’s annual trip to Las Vegas (2004-2009) was long, this was a longer and probably far less exciting trips for the Mormons.

– There have been 6 different sponsors for the Holiday Bowl, ranging from Shamu (Sea World), to Rental Cars (Thrifty), and a water softener company (Culligan).

– Bridgeport Education (the current sponsor) offers online classes post secondary degrees including bachelors, masters and PHDs. They were founded in Colorado, but based out of San Diego now.

– The Holiday Bowl has always been known for high scoring and exciting endings. The 2000 game (Oregon vs. Texas) and 2001 game (Washington vs. Texas) were both voted as one of the 25 most exciting bowls in the BCS era.

– The Big-12 currently holds the edge 8-6 against the Pac-12 in the Holiday Bowl.

– Uniforms have played an important part in determining the result of the Holiday Bowl. Since 2005, the designated home team has won every contest. Texas is home this year unfortunately for Bear fans. In addition Texas is 2-1 in their home uniforms in San Diego. But if there’s a time to end the streak, this year would be a great year to do so!

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Cal vs Texas: Rushing

The rushing attack for both teams will be extremely vital in deciding who will control the rhythm of the game. Cal’s running game has been stout the last four games due to the improvement of the offensive line and the hard work of Running Backs Isi Sofele and CJ Anderson. Cal will look to smash down on a tough rush defense from Texas and show them the toughness of Cal football.

The Longhorns feature two freshman running backs and a senior running back. All three were injured for the last few games of the season, but they will likely come back for the bowl game. When Texas wins it is because they have a good running game, reducing the pressure on their freshman quarterbacks.

Running Backs:


 Name  Yr  G  Att  Yards  Avg  TD  Att/G  Yards/G
 Isi Sofele  JR  12  232  1270  5.47  9  19.33  105.83
 CJ Anderson  JR  12  68  343  5.04  8  5.67  28.58
 Name  Yr  G  Att  Yards  Avg  TD  Att/G  Yards/G
Malcolm Brown FR 9 159 707 4.45 5 17.67 78.56
Joe Bergeron FR 10 69 454 6.58 5 6.90 45.40
Foswhitt Whittaker SR 9 66 386 5.85 6 7.33 42.89
Just from the averages, Texas has a better yards/attempt then Cal, but the top two running backs for Cal are better than the top two for Texas overall. If Cal can force Texas’ quarterbacks to make all the plays, Cal should be in good shape as long as Case McCoy doesn’t go all Colt McCoy on us.
Advantage: Cal
On the defensive side, Texas has a top ten rushing defense while Cal is only around the top thirty rushing defenses. However, Heisman winner Robert Griffin III lit up Texas like a Christmas Tree during the last game of the season. If Cal can take advantage of the mistakes that Texas made against Baylor, then maybe Maynard, Isi, or CJ may be able to slip by the Texas front-line.
Team  Att  Yards  Avg  TD  Att/G  Yards/G
CAL 407 1564 3.84 16 33.92 130.33
Texas 373 1244 3.34 14 31.08 103.67
Advantage: Texas
If the Cal offensive line can beat down on the Longhorns, Cal will have a good chance of winning. However, if Cal’s running game can’t get anything going, Cal will be forced to have Maynard make plays, which didn’t work out so well early in the season. As long as Cal’s defense keeps the Longhorn’s rushing offense at bay, Cal can definitely go head to head against Texas’ rushing game both on offense and defense.