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Disconnect? Ask me again in 9 months.

So this kind of hurts. For those who don’t know who Stewart Mandel is, he’s one of the most prominent and well spoken writers from Sports Illustrated. Couple of good articles by him here and here where he talks about the removal of the AQ status and homogenizing college football. This draft class has definitely generated a lot of buzz. Getting Zach Kline and Bryce Treggs early helped because not only did we have one of the best recruiters in the world in Tosh Lupoi, but we had two recruits who were extremely enthusiastic  and through the use of social media (primarily Twitter), helped us net one of the best “one day” influx of commitments when Shaq Thompson, Ellis McCarthy, and Jordan Payton. The 2012 #calgang class follows two pristine classes in 2010 and 2011.

While what Mandel says has some truth, Cal has seen this movie before. Plus getting stuffed by Texas in the Holiday Bowl does kill a little bit of the recruiting buzz. I’m not sure what barometer Stewart is using to “measure” disconnect. Keep in mind Bear fans, our 2010 and 2011 were top notch, but outside of Keenan Allen, we’ve only seen splashes and hints of the talent play here and there. And then there’s the big white elephant in the room we still don’t have a super-star quarterback nor place-kicker anymore (ask Stanford and Boise State how important this is). The cupboard is definitely full for Tedford, but Cal fans want to be celebrating on January 1st in Pasadena and not on the forums in early February.

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