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[Alumni] Mychal Kendricks and Mitchell Schwartz make appearance on Todd McShay’s Big Board


Hope to see these guys get their names called Friday (or maybe even Thursday!). Best of luck guys and go Bears!

Mychal links:

Mitchell links:

Author: jasonarecwang

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2 thoughts on “[Alumni] Mychal Kendricks and Mitchell Schwartz make appearance on Todd McShay’s Big Board

  1. U have a point I find myself copairmng him to other scrambling qb I just rather go with any defensive player where I can see a difference geno is a good player I watched him but EJ Manule is very similar and we could use a later pick on him I just dont wanna waste a 4th rd pick on a qb that I dont see being a star when foles did ok and vick did ok but many turnovers doomed us some his fault but our line really missed peters I say we give vick 1 last yr with our o line returning healthy we still ranked in the top 15 offense in the nfl I say minimze vick throwing. run the ball more we have 2 studs at rb run the offense like carolina do and it will open up for deep plays using playaction where vick could run it or throw it thats why cam look good we need to use vick to his skill set and not make him peyton manning I mean it makes no sense to have him throwin 40-50 times a game and blame our o line vick has never been a pocket passer and this yr makes note of it if we do wat I posted it will minimize turnovers and u will see another Vick I enjoy seein ur view on the eagles were family my eagles brother

  2. “DeSean Jackson EASILY out performed his rookie contract. Most players are rewarded with a new contract, Jackson was not. It makes sense for a player to get “bothered” by a situation like that. I tend to side with the “players” when an issue becomes and matter of player vs. owner and this case is no different.” The only way I’m good with a rookie getting a new contract even if he had one hell of a year. Is if #1 they are traded for some reason to a new team, then I feel a new contract is in order. And #2 if it is fair game for owners to offer them a worse contract if they suck during their rookie year and don’t live up to expectations. Granted owners of teams make way too much money, but again I don’t think anyone should get paid the kind of money professional athletes do, in any sport. Even though I am a big sports fan. Maybe it should be like golf. The players get a fairly good amount of money depending on performance, (winnings depending on how they finished in the tournament) but their big money comes from sponsorship. I think the owners should actually directly pay the players less, but hand over more of the sponsorship money to the people everyone came to watch.

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