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[Alumni] Jason A. W.’s Post NFL Draft Random Thoughts

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Marvin Jones will be coming out of smoke in striped orange and black in the near future.

Just like that, the 2012 NFL draft has come and gone. There were a record number of deals on day 1, followed by a ton of surprise picks in day 2 (one notably, Bryan Anger by the Jacksonville Jaguars at pick #70), then a whole gang of Cal Bears picked up in day 3 followed by free agency.

– I’d like to take a section to post on commending the Colts for making the right choice and taking Andrew Luck #1. There seemed to be a huge steam and bandwagon building for Robert Griffin III after a Heisman season capped with that 67 point swiss knife through butter thrashing of Washington’s defense which lead to the firing of Nick Holt. The case I kept hearing for RGIII was #1 Big XII was a better conference than the Pac-12 last year (not going to disagree) and #2 the “mobile” quarterback and the “new era” of having a QB’s feet be a weapon. The Big XII hasn’t been stellar product lately producing quarterbacks in the early rounds (Colt McCoy, Blaine Gabbert, Sam Bradford, Josh Freeman).   Furthermore, last I checked, the most freakish and physically gifted quarterbacks (Michael Vick and Vince Young) still haven’t been able to advance their teams past the Conference Championship game. We are still a throwing/QB driven league. Yes, Aaron Rodgers and Big Ben are mobile. But mobile enough just to keep plays extended. I wouldn’t say there are too many drawn up run plays for them. In addition, I would say Luck is pretty mobile himself and strong (just ask Sean Cattouse) and his combine measurable compares more favorably to Cam Newton than RGIII’s. I hope Sam Bradford and Luck’s story prove to seniors, staying an extra year won’t necessarily damage your stock unless you have dis-functional franchises such as the Redskins or Raiders picking first.

– I’m excited to see Mitchell Schwartz line up with Alex Mack and create stellar running holes for Trent Richardson. The offensive line did wonders for the Browns 2 years ago making a huge name out of Peyton Hillis.

– Mychal Kendricks will get a great chance to start immediately for the Eagles joining Nnamdi in what should be a much improved Eagle’s defense. The linebacking core for the Eagles is no doubt still small (Casey Matthews, Clay’s “little” brother, started for the Eagles last year). Kendricks is a bit under-sized but plays with a huge motor and intensity and I believe he will represent the Pac-12 player of the year well.

– I feel happy for Bryan Anger to be drafted in the 3rd round. But I feel bad in the sense all the experts/gurus/writers out there will be slamming Jacksonville again for drafting another Cal player (remember Tebow vs. Alualu two years ago? I am curious on how well Tyson will do in a 3rd season healthy). 3rd round is probably a bit high for a punter, but I would love to see Anger boot a bunch of 70 yard punts for what will likely be a struggling Jags’ offense this coming year.

– Marvin Jones will have a great opportunity as a #2 receiver in Cincinnati. Jones would play opposite of rookie sensation A.J. Green. Rotoworld believes Jones should beat out the field.


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