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Whiteside May Still Have a Second Chance

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Rumor around campus is that Cecil Whiteside may have been “dismissed” from the team because of academic issues. However, it seems like he can still rejoin the team if he can improve his grades by the end of summer. Cal may be deep at outside linebacker, but Whiteside is a stellar player and will only make the defense better. Let’s hope Whiteside is getting help from as many tutors as possible, maybe we can even pitch in by helping him write some cheat sheets (just a thought).

Author: ShawnXT

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One thought on “Whiteside May Still Have a Second Chance

  1. This is great to hear. Whiteside’s a playmaker. He made big plays in his limited time last year. It’d be a shame to have him wait for his time to play and not be able to have those productive years in a Cal uni. Let’s hope he makes it back.

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