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Fall Camp Starts TOMORROW 8/4!

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With camp starting this Saturday what reports should we keep an eye on?


1. The young talent at WR

The spring depth chart shows no backups behind Keenan Allen and Maurice Harris. Let’s see what the new touted freshmen receivers can do this camp. Even if these young receivers aren’t eye-droppingly amazing, Tedford will still be forced to play them simply because of our lack of depth. Let’s just hope someone steps up in a big way.


2. Development at TE

This offseason Tedford took some notes out of Bill Belichick’s tight end formations. This means that we may see a lot of both Richard Rodgers and Spencer Hagan this coming season. What will be important to take note during camp is whether Maynard actually throws to them, forcing the defense to be on their toes. Just seeing Rodgers’ size and athletic ability this past year, he may very well become a star for the Golden Bears.


3. Who is in the mix at Offensive Line

With Dominic Galas out for a few months with a torn pectoral muscle a new starter will have to fill in immediately. Right now Chris Adcock has been inked in to replace Galas; however, there will be other players that will definitely have their chance to step in. Every offensive lineman will have a chance at that guard position. Let’s just hope Coach Michalczik has a few magic tricks up his sleeve.


4. Will our Special Teams perform

Cal’s special teams has already been questionable last season, and with both Georgio Tavecchio and Bryan Anger gone, Cal will really need the new starters to step up. Vince D’Amato and Cole Leninger will most likely fill in at kicker and punter, respectively. Keenan Allen will most likely start as the punt returner, which slightly worries me because one bad block could mean a season ending injury for our star player.


5. Defense

Not as many questions here besides if newly transferred Khairi Fortt will break into the depth chart and who will play safety alongside Josh Hill. There should be a lot of sophomores and redshirt freshmen trying to fight for playing time.


6. Quarterback

Obviously a position everyone will keep an eye on. With Maynard going into his second year as a starter, how much will he develop mentally and physically? Also, will Zach Kline contend with Allan Bridgeford as the backup quarterback?


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