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Fall Practice Day #1 & #2 Highlights

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The day has finally come! And Fall camp has started very well for freshman Bryce Treggs.
One of the main questions this fall was whether any of the freshmen wide receivers were going to step up into the depth chart. Bryce Treggs immediately proved that he was here to play. Here’s a bit from Jim McGill’s Report:

Two of the most-anticipated freshman didn’t disappoint with early entrant Zach Kline continuiing the promising development shown in spring practice and Bryce Treggs, who electrified the small crowd with speed, moves and hands reminiscent of, dare I say it, DeSean Jackson, who also wore #1 during is days in Berkeley.

On one play in particular, Treggs put a move on safety Michael Coley, who’s back and healthy, leaving Coley in the dust after biting on a fake before Treggs hauled in a pass from Bridgford.

At receiver, besides Treggs, redshirt frosh Maurice Harris looks like a real weapon. Big and strong, with amazingly long arms, most defenders will be helpless trying to defend jump balls or anything high against the sure-handed Harris.

Another good bet besides Treggs to play right away as a true frosh is 6-3/212 Darius Powe, who already possesses a pro body.

Powe displayed good hands and an ability to find the seam well and much like Harris, has long arms and the ability to go up for balls the defense can’t reach.

Other frosh receivers Chris Harper, Kenny Lawler and Cedric Dozier also showed flashes of their athleticism, as well.

This is will be very important for second year starter Zach Maynard because his brother Keenan Allen will most likely be double teamed every play. With options like Bryce Treggs and Maurice Harris, the opposing offense will have to second guess having to double team Keenan.
Other pointers from Day 1:

  • Joel Willis is back to cornerback after playing wide receiver during Spring Ball
  • Geoffrey Gibson has filled in as starting guard in place of injured Dominc Galas
  • Freshman Cole Leininger was bombing punts for over 50+ yards
  • Eric Stevens is finally back after suffering a torn ACL forcing him to miss all of last season
  • Mustafa Jailil looks as fierce as ever and will definitely receive his fair share of playing time this season

Training Camp Practice #1


Day 2 notes:
This day was mostly for a few team sessions, 7-on-7s, and taking photos. Also, Penn State transfer Khairi Fortt got into Berkeley around 3 in the morning. Fortt has not had much cardio in the past few months because of injury so not only will he have to get up to speed with the defensive playbook but also up to speed physically.


On the second day of camp Tedford inserted some new plays for the offense; unfortunately, this means another learning curve for the players. Tedford said, “Offense was a little rusty today, but that’s typical of how camp goes, you know, with installation of plays…there was still a lot of excitement and people playing hard, that wasn’t the issue – you install a very minimal package going in on the first day, and every day there’s just more that goes in. So, when people are thinking, then the execution drops off a little bit. Once you force feed all the installation, … and you come back and do it again, they sharpen up the execution.”

  • Austin Clark will be out with a broken bone in his foot. He will be out for up to a month.
  • Khairi Fortt has yet to practice. He has a patella problem so he may not immediately go into contact drills
  • Stefan McClure is still recovering and will most likely miss out on Fall Camp. There is a possibility that he may redshirt.



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