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Pac-12 Network Launches, But Not For Everyone

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The Pac-12 Network launched last night to the excitement of many fans. This Network is supposed to bring millions of dollars of revenue to the conference and what’s even better is that the Pac-12 does not share revenue with anyone else unlike the Big Ten Network where Fox would receive 51% of profits.

However, the problem with the network right now is that it is only available to those with Comcast, Time Warner, Cox or BrightHouse. There haven’t been any serious talk about partnering with the satellite providers nor AT&T U-verse. That’s a lot of viewers folks, which means that the Pac-12 (which includes Cal) will lose out on millions of dollars in revenue.

Some additional features that would be cool would be if people without cable could subscribe to an online stream. I would definitely pay for a Pac-12 Network online stream rather than buying an entire cable package. Of course this idea is somewhat “revolutionary”, so I doubt this would happen anytime soon. There have been some talks about Pac-12 Network partnering with Apple TV or Google TV. Now that would be very cool and realistic possibility. It would definitely be worth your money especially if you are on a budget.

For now, if you are deprived of the Pac-12 Network you’re gonna have to find a good friend who has it or an awesome sports bar.

And for those who does have the Comcast, Time Warner, Cox, or BrightHouse, but don’t know what channel it is here is a good tool.

Author: ShawnXT

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