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3 Days Until Game Day!

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Only three more days until Game Day Bear Fans! I’m barely keeping my pants on with this much excitement! With only three days left until kickoff, let’s look at three things to look forward to:

1. The Re-Opening of Memorial Stadium

Starting off with the most obvious to look forward to: Memorial Stadium. Take a look at video and photo tours of Memorial Stadium on and Fans have been waiting years for this to happen (made worse by the whole tree-sitting protestors). Some changes people will notice are the amazing media box/luxury suites sitting above the west rim of the stadium, the ESP seats on the west side, the new aluminum seats replacing the old wooden benches, the sunken field (about 4 feet lower than the old field), the new turf, and of course the multimillion dollar Student Athletic High Performance Center. Fans should come early to take photos and take in the opening ceremony environment.

2. The Impact Freshmen

There are three freshmen starting against Nevada this Saturday: OG Jordan Rigsbee, P Cole Leninger, and WR Bryce Treggs. Look for Rigsbee to tear down Nevada’s defensive line, opening up big holes for our talented running backs. Cole Leninger doesn’t quite have the same BOOM as Bryan Anger but he will definitely be a quality punter for the Bears. At wide receiver, Bryce Treggs will be looking to become DeSean Jackson 2.0 with his elite speed and amazing footwork. Other freshmen in the two deep include WR Chris Harper, WR Maurice Harris, DE Todd Barr, ILB Jalen Jefferson,  and OLB Nathan Broussard. Look for all these freshmen make their mark this coming Saturday.

3. Revenge

In 2010, Colin Kaepernick and the Nevada Wolfpack shocked the Bears 52-31 with their dangerous pistol offense. Last season, UCLA shocked Cal with their own version of the pistol. However, the Cal defense will be much more disciplined for the first game of the season especially with senior linebacker Robert Mullins (who played in the loss against Nevada) as a leader on defense. Also, it just happens to be that Nevada is 0-10 on season openers against BCS foes.

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