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Cal Fans, Your Team Needs You!


Look, I know you guys are all pissed off about last Saturday’s loss. I am just as mad as you are if not more. I was just as surprised at Tedford’s handling of the starting QB situation as you were. I was most definitely floored by how horrible and lackluster our front lines were. But you know what, I’m not about to give up on our Bears.  THE BEAR WILL NOT QUIT, THE BEAR WILL NOT DIE.

As unacceptable as last Saturday’s loss, let’s look at the brightside of things. Most analysts were expecting an 8-4 season, which is still completely possible. Also, every season we always have a victory against a team we are supposed to lose to (Arizona State last season) and a loss that no one expects just like last year’s loss against UCLA (once again the pistol beat us). Cal bounced back well after that loss against UCLA, so maybe it is a good thing that we are getting that loss out of the way first game this season.

You just never know – what if Cal bounces back big time just like in 2006 when Cal lost its opening game to Tennessee (though it was an away game) and came back to share the Pac-10 championship. We know from the Nevada game that our young receivers Chris Harper and Bryce Treggs will be phenomenal weapons this season. So let’s keep our heads up and keep shouting our heads off for our Bears, no matter how pissed off you are right now. Do it for our student-athletes, seniors, and all of Cal!

Author: ShawnXT

I am a big time sports fan. I love my LA Lakers (don't hate) and my CAL Golden Bears (duh). I pretty much watch any sport, so when the Olympics are on don't bother me. I love finding great food. The website I work for and also use ALL THE TIME for food is I'm always looking to find great food and something unique. I watch way too many shows and movies and still looking for more, so if you got any great shows or movies to recommend, please tell me!

2 thoughts on “Cal Fans, Your Team Needs You!

  1. Cute… Cal fans are not mad because of one loss. It is because this is a typical Tedford team. NO heart, NO guts, NO pride. We didnt not because of a lack of talent like we will against Oregon and USC but because Nevada just wanted it more, and if you dont want to win when you open a 321 million dollar stadium, then what will make you want to win?? FIRE TEDFORD. I will be there all season but what will I see out there who knows… def not a bowl team!

    • I agrre with you Jordan. It is sad to watch this team play time after time; Tedford continues to allow the same players to start every week, and they do not deliver a win. It is obvious that if your starters cannot deliver, it is time to play other team members who can deliver. It is totally embarrasing and heart breaking to see the same mistakes being played out each week, and this has been going on for a while.

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