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Jason A. W’s Cal vs. Ohio State First Half Analysis

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View from the shoe

Cal comes out in blue/white/white helmet/uniform/pants combination. Jeff Tedford is 6-0 against the Big-10. Let’s make it 7-0 today!

– Cal defense shows great sign of intensity on the first series. Marc Anthony with a nice breakup on 3rd down to force a punt.

– Maynard passes for a couple of first downs, but more accurate throws could have lead to more yards after the carry.

– Bears get a great punt and pin the Buckeyes inside the 5 and force a 3 and out. Ohio State wide receivers have gifted the Bears with a couple of drops and Keenan fair catches at midfield for great field position.

– Cal actually goes for it on 4th and 4 and Chris Harper drops a first down. Offensive line looks better and Maynard seems a bit more settled.

– Braxton Miller jukes out of a 3rd and 3. Marc Anthony and Alex Logan both had a great chance.

– Great response drive from the Bears. Isi gets a couple of nice runs and Keenan breaks out a 5 yard hitch route for 20 additional yards.

– Chris Harper trots in from a bubble screen and Cal leads 7-6! I’d love to see the missed extra point for OSU come back and haunt them! We might cover 16.5!

– Bucks take advantage of an overly aggressive secondary. Tim Tebow probably ran that play to perfection.

– Typical Tedford 3rd and long and we run a draw resulting in a 18 yard punt.

– Maynard takes a hit and almost gets picked off.

– Stevie Williams is getting picked on deep passes. Interesting analysis from the announcers that Marc Anthony is our best cornerback and should be covering Devin Smith. Nevertheless Cal is now down 20-7, we need a big response now.

– Maynard gets down, Cal punts, but we get a gift 15 yard unsportsmanlike. Let’s force a punt and get good field position.

– ESPN was nice enough to show some rugby highlights which might be the highlight for Cal fans. BTW we won 15-5.

– Finally a first down. Isi just seems so overmatched when he runs inside.

– Ugh Jacob Wark with a somewhat unnecessary hold negating a C.J. Anderson touchdown. Announcers don’t like the call. Hopefully we can still punch the ball in. Allen takes a shot, we might get that flag given back to us.

– Wow refs are making it even harder for us. Some of these calls are starting to get pretty ridiculous.

– I’m not surprised that the field goal didn’t go in. Just the type of call which always goes against Cal.

– Defense has been playing much better, but our offense (and refs) need to start helping them out.

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