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Keys to Victory – USC

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There are not too many Cal fans that have no disdain for those wretched USC Trojans. That’s because Cal hasn’t defeated the Trojans since 2003! That’s 9 long aggravating defeats.

Every year, Cal seems to have a change against the Trojans but for some reason they always bring out their best against Cal. USC has always had the top athletic and toughest team yet sometimes they lose to middle of the Pac teams like Oregon State. However, that loss is never against Cal. What the hell is up with that?

Well, forgive me for ranting about how the hell Cal loses to USC all the damn time while Stanford manages to defeat them 4 years in a row. HOW??? Luckily, Cal may be able to observe what Stanford was able to do last week against the Trojans, and possibly mimic what Stanford did. This Saturday could be the best or worst timing to play the Trojans. Barkley and company could be so hungry and focused for a victory after their loss that they might come out fired up against the Bears, or they may still be struggling and confused after their big defeat against Stanford. Whatever the case is there are a few things that the Bears must be better at than the Trojans in order to win.

1. Establish a running game

This means that our beat up offensive line MUST create holes for our talented backs. With Tedford’s new revelation that Brendan Bigelow is the fastest and most balanced runner since Jahvid Best, Cal may have an easier time establishing a run game and also creating some interesting play action plays. If Cal can pound USC’s defensive line much like what Stanford did, Cal will definitely be toe to toe against USC.

2. Stop the running game

As important as it is to establish the running game, it might be even more important to stop USC’s running game. Yes, Barkley and his speedy receivers have ridiculous play making ability, but if Cal has to force the Trojans to pass more than they would like to, Cal can force Barkley to make just enough mistakes to steal the game.

3. Win the Turnover Battle

The last time Cal had less turnovers than USC was in 2003. Yeah, that’s the last game we actually defeated the Trojans. Cal just has to stay focused on the game plan without over doing everything and the ball may just bounce Cal’s way. Barkley tended to hint at where he threw the last three games so maybe our Defensive Backs can catch onto that but at the same time be cautious that Barkley may have fixed that problem after his loss last week.

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