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The State of Cal Football

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“Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.”
Bill Shankly

As a hardcore Cal fan, Cal football IS life. It’s so sad that during the offseason most people didn’t expect too much out of the football team. Maybe an 8-4 and hopes for a 9-3 season. No one expected a Rose Bowl but no one expected this either. It’s so bad that Cal is actually doing worse than Ted Miller’s Worst Case Scenario. So what’s all the concern? Well here’s a few things on the laundry list of worries: Pendergast is now 1-6 against spread offenses and zone read offenses, Cal’s offensive line is getting torn up left and right every game, the running game both offense and defense is terrible, Bigelow seems like the next Jahvid Best but Tedford won’t play him because of “missed  assignments” (though I’m sure each offensive lineman has missed way more assignments than Bigelow), and overall the team looks lackluster and defeated. Where’s the motivation? Where’s the fire?

 “Pro football is like nuclear warfare. There are no winners, only survivors.”
Frank Gifford

It seems like every single program in the Pac-12 is fighting to be relevant. Even though Washington State are looking pretty bad right now, at least they tried to change things up by hiring Leach and at least they are trying to rebuild. Oregon State had a terrible past two seasons but look at them now. Mike Riley knew he was on the hot seat so he brought back the intensity to Oregon State. What about Tedford? Sure Sandy Barbour have continuously supported him, but look where the program is now. Tedford has not brought any motivation to the team since 2006. He keeps trying to change things around him but really he’s been changing himself. He has lost his identity –  that Tedford from 2002-2006. He keeps looking for help from others, even studied plays under Bill Belichik, but really all he needs to do is look inward not outward. Tedford needs to know that it’s time to fight and it’s time to win. He has to take responsibility and blame for everything because right now only he himself can win the battle and ultimately, the war.

“We can’t run. We can’t pass. We can’t stop the run. We can’t stop the pass. We can’t kick. Other than that, we’re just not a very good football team right now.”
Bruce Coslet

Is it time to panic? Maybe. Fans on BearInsider have already started a thread on who should be our next Head Coach. Everyone is blaming everyone and everything, and only a couple more losses before all chaos lets loose. But hey you know what? The Bear Will Not Quit, The Bear Will Not Die! Cal is going to need one hell of a comeback to go 9-3 (if Cal does, I assure you we will be ranked at the end of the season). I’d even be happy with an 8-4 season. However, it all begins this Saturday against ASU. You want to know where this season is gonna go? Then watch the ASU game. We win this Saturday with certainty and just maybe we’ll get our mojo back, but if we lose look for pitchforks and torches outside of Tedford’s office.

Author: ShawnXT

I am a big time sports fan. I love my LA Lakers (don't hate) and my CAL Golden Bears (duh). I pretty much watch any sport, so when the Olympics are on don't bother me. I love finding great food. The website I work for and also use ALL THE TIME for food is I'm always looking to find great food and something unique. I watch way too many shows and movies and still looking for more, so if you got any great shows or movies to recommend, please tell me!

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