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Time to Panic?

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Let’s all take a deep breath right now. Breathe in with the nose, out with the mouth. Now repeat two more times.

Doesn’t that feel much better?

With a 1-4 start, there are a lot of Cal fans forcing themselves to do this exercise. Everyone is in panic mode right now or already at the stage of acceptance…. Tedford might be in his office panicking as much as we are right now, or maybe thinking about how wealthy he will be if we were forced to buy out his contract. Ugh.

Watching Cal since 2007 has been heartbreaking to say the least and now starting the 2012 season 1-4 is just devastating for us and for our athletes.

Tedford started out hot in 2002 turning over a Cal team that never had a chance at winning to a team that consistently went to bowl games and were ranked in the Top 25. Here are some positive marks during Tedford’s tenure.

  • In 2001, Cal was 1-10 and had not reached a bowl since 1996. The very next season new head coach Jeff Tedford turned the team around to 7-5 overall (also winning the Big Game that season)
  • Tedford is 7-3 in the Big Game
  • Tedford has the most career wins as a Cal Head Coach, with currently 80 wins
  • Won 10 games twice and 9 games once
  • Helped Cal become Co-Pac 10 Champs in 2006
  • Only coach since the Waldorf era to have 8 straight winning seasons
  • Cal did not have a winning record since 1993 before Tedford

So what’s caused the anger and frustration over Tedford?

  • Cal has not had a QB rank higher than 61st in Pass Efficiency since 2006
  • Has a losing record of 7-13 in Pac-10/12 play since 2008
  • Did not go to a bowl game in 2010 and hasn’t WON a bowl since 2008
  • 2012 – Cal is now 1-4, which is the worst start in the Tedford era
  • 2012- Cal is tied for last in the Pac-12 and tied for the worst start among the Pac-12 teams
  • 2012 – Cal’s defense is last in the Pac-12 for almost all categories
  • 2012- Cal is  last in ALL FBS for sacks allowed
  • 2012- Cal is 94th in Pass Efficiency
  • 2012- Cal is 108 out of 120 teams for most penalties per game

As you can see there are a lot of reasons to let go of Tedford. He has turned from an energetic, offensive minded coach to a sluggish and unmotivated coach. However, as Wilner stated in his article, it would cost Cal about $10 million to force Tedford and his staff out of Berkeley. It’s gonna need a lot of angry wealthy donors to get Tedford out of here.

Like I stated in my past blog, Cal is gonna need a miracle to end the season bowl eligible.

But hey you know what, I’ll still be there for my team, for better or for worse. What about you?

Author: ShawnXT

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