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Pac-12 Predictions: Week 6

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Overall: [28-15] Last week: [3-2]

The Pac-12 looks really deep this year. Unfortunately, our Cal Bears are at the bottom of that pile.

USC 32 – Utah 24: Utah will start strong at home but the Trojans will be back in national championship form.

Arizona 13  – Stanford 33: After a very disappointing defeat against Washington, Stanford will be out for blood in front of their home crowd.

Washington St. 10 – Oregon St. 27: Oregon State is looking damn good while Washington State has a long way to go.

UCLA 21 – California 45: Tedford finally wakes up and uses Bigelow who blows up for 150 yards. #GoBears!

Washington 17  – Oregon 35: Will Tosh Lupoi bring over the fake injury strategy over to Washington?

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