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Cal Answers Call Against Wazzou

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Kennan Allen takes the ball on a screen play

Cal fans can rejoice! It looks as if there’s one team Jeff Tedford can still beat. Since 2005, Cal has beaten Washington State every single year. Of course, the Cougars haven’t gone to a bowl game since 2003 (in which they beat Texas in the Holiday Bowl, something we couldn’t do) so I’m not sure if that’s something to be proud about. However, at the end of the day, it still counts as one important win in conference and it leaves us only 3 wins away from being bowl eligible! After 2010, Cal fans have learned now to take going to a bowl, even if it’s a Nut Bowl, for granted.
Overall, the Bears did pretty well on both sides of the ball. Getting revenge on Mike Leach is always sweet (after his quirky play-calling beat us in the 2004 Holiday Bowl). On offense it was a lot of ZM->KA (I guess we plan on riding KA21’s legs all the way through as we are on his last stretch of time as a Golden Bear). Personally, I would like to see more balance on offense. I’m glad to see we are using a 3-headed running game, but the passing game seems to go too horizontal at times instead of vertical. I understand Maynard’s limitations with his arm, but it would be awesome to get the TE game going and to see Bryce Treggs or Chris Harper with the ball in their hands in space.
Defense wise, Cal did a great job shutting down Jeff Tuel. Granted we knocked out Marquess Wilson, but Leach is a great schematic planner and Clancy did a great job preparing for this spread offense attack. We will be seeing more of it later against the Huskies and the Ducks. We had great penetration and pressure from the front 7, and our secondary is much improved lead by Avery Sebastian and Kam Jackson after the Ohio State debacle. Cal will get a difference test this next week as the Bears prep for the Big Game against Stanford and prepare for ground and pound. O yea, by the way, Taylor was definitely in the end-zone against Notre Dame. I know you shouldn’t put yourself in that kind of ambiguous situation on the road, but the Trees definitely got robbed.

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