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Goodbye, So long.

AND THE NEWS HAS BROKEN! Jeff Tedford has been let go.

BERKELEY – Jeff Tedford, who has overseen the Golden Bear football program for the past 11 seasons, has been relieved of his duties as head football coach at the University of California, Director of Athletics Sandy Barbour announced Tuesday.

“This was an extraordinarily difficult decision, one that required a thorough and thoughtful analysis of a complex set of factors,” Barbour said. “Ultimately, I believed that we needed a change in direction to get our program back on the right track. Cal football is integral to our department and our university, and its influence can be felt well beyond the walls of Memorial Stadium. The program clearly serves as an important part of the connective tissue that binds our community together, and it is imperative that Cal football be recognized as a leader in competitive success, academic achievement and community engagement.


Jeff Tedford 2002-2012. Head Coach of California Football Team.




For many fans, the decision to let go of Tedford has been a long time coming, but for others they cling on to those wonder years. The years that brought Cal out of the dark ages, brought us Aaron Rodgers, 3 more bowls games than all the years between our last Rose Bowl appearance to 2002, and even a Co-Pac 10 Championship. So long, to the man with the most wins in Cal history with 82. He brought light to many current NFL players (40+ players) who could not be where they are at without him. Oh and did I mention all those Big Game wins that we pretty much never had a chance before Tedford?


He has always been considered a caring man. He took care of as many players as he could and brought a family atmosphere to those who didn’t have one. He found one of the greatest football players ever in Aaron Rodgers, while recruiting a TE at the same community college. He developed Kyle Boller and even Nate Longshore (before he broke his ankle); everyone called him the Quarterback Guru. Cal was even #2 in the nation in 2007. However, his momentous ship hit an iceberg.



After the 2007 debacle against Oregon State, the Cal team wasn’t the same. 2007-2009, Cal was ranked at least once but never fulfilled its potential. Tedford had lost many of his former assistant coaches and he started to bring in offensive coordinator after offensive coordinator. However, nothing worked for him. From 2008-2012, he went on to take the team to two bowl games, but did not win either. Throughout that bad run from ’08-’12 he kept changing things around like assistant coaches, administrative workers, and even practice times. He just failed to realize that he needed to change to a game that changed beyond him.


The biggest blow, of course, was the year 2012. He lost his best recruiter and Defensive Line coach Tosh Lupoi to Washington. Though it could be easily argued that Lupoi backstabbed all of us including Tedford, it was crazy how players were dedicated to a single assistant coach and not a program. He was about to pull in a top 10 recruiting class, but that immediately fell apart with the departure of Lupoi. Lupoi took the money and many have said he disliked Tedford for throwing him under the bus for Injury-Gate.

In the fall, Tedford welcomed back Cal fans to Memorial Stadium with a shocking loss to Nevada and then fell apart to end the season at 3-9. The painful decline of Cal football could not continue while other teams like UCLA, Oregon State, ASU, Arizona, and of course of rival Stanfurd was thriving. Athletic Director Sandy Barbour had to do something and she did. She relieved Tedford of his head coaching duties November 20, 2012.


But we will never forget his legacy. His major turn around of the program and the high expectations he brought forth. Unfortunately, these high expectations were a major factor to his release.

Let’s thank Tedford for everything he has done for us and what his legacy will mean for the future of Cal Football. Go Bears.


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Jason A. W.’s Pac-12 Week 12 Predictions

Overall: [52-25] Last week: [5-1]

It’s been leaked by some pretty reliable sources this will be Tedford’s last game. I wish this game was at home so we could give him the proper sendoff he deserves. It’s only fitting his last game would be against the Beavers who have been the perennial thorns on our butts.

Washington 48 – Colorado 27: So why did we invite Colorado into the conference to begin with?

Washington State 22 – Arizona State 45:  ASU is my sleeper team for next year.

USC 38- UCLA 21: I really want to pick UCLA, but I think USC finds a way to pull it out again this year.

Stanford 25 – Oregon 45: Andrew Luck couldn’t win here and neither will a backup QB.

Arizona 31 – Utah 35: Utah hasn’t looked good of late, but SLC is a pretty tough place to play.

California 28 – Oregon State 31: The score of probably the most painful game I’ve ever attended in my life.

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Pac-12 Predictions: Week 12

Overall: [52-25] Last week: [4-2]

This is the last game for Cal and potentially for Tedford. Will they bring out their all against Oregon State?

Washington 28 – Colorado 17: Washington struggles away from home but they will still be too much for a horrible Buffs team.

Washington State 13 – Arizona State 32:  The Sun Devils are simply too tough for the Cougars who are going through a mess internally

USC 48- UCLA 27: It won’t be like last season, but it’s still going to be a big win for USC. Marqise Lee all day.

Stanford 19 – Oregon 37: I’ll predict that this will be Oregon’s lowest scoring game of the season but a hard fought victory.

Arizona 19 – Utah 27: Calling the upset here. The Utes tend to play better at home and I expect a good game from John White.

California 32 – Oregon State 27: Tough matchup for the Bears, but a loss could send Tedford packing by Sunday.

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Jason A. W.’s Pac-12 Week 11 Predictions

Overall: [47-24] Last week: [5-1]

The good news is that I’m one game behind Shawn now

Colorado 14 – Arizona 38: Arizona will probably run up the point total. Rich Rod can coach.

Arizona State 27 – USC 42: There have been some pretty entertaining games this year. USC losing last year in Tempe was kind of a weird game. I still can’t get over this interception.

Oregon State 27 – Stanford 21: I think Oregon State has too much speed on the outside for Stanford to contain. Plus we’ve seen more from Cody Vaz than we’ve seen from Stanford’s backup QB.

Oregon 52 – California 14: I won’t even try to pick an upset. I’ll be happy if we can cover the 28 point spread.

UCLA 28 – Washington State 13: UCLA might be able to legitimately make the Pac-12 Championship game this year, but they need to win in Pullman first.

Utah 21 – Washington 24: I really have no feeling on this game so I’m going with the hometown team.

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Pac-12 Predictions: Week 11

Overall: [48-23] Last week: [4-2]

Maybe I should just stop trying to predict Cal games because I always pick Cal for the hell of it.

Colorado 13 – Arizona 48: Arizona will be out for blood against a weak Colorado team.

Arizona State 24 – USC 32: I’m almost tempted to pick the Sun Devils, but there is just too much offense for ASU to handle.

Oregon State 21 – Stanford 24: Wow this is a hard one to pick. Gonna have to go with Stanford at home.

Oregon 22 – California 27: Yes, I know. I’m crazy. Go Bridgeford Go!

UCLA 38 – Washington State 17: There are some serious issues going on at WSU, and UCLA are looking like real contenders to get to the Pac-12 Championship.

Utah 29 – Washington 21: Utah’s Star Lotulelei will be chasing Washington’s QB Keith Price all day.

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What Are Our Chances?

According to the latest Vegas odds, Cal is a 4 point favorite against Washington. That’s quite a head scratcher considering that Cal just got destroyed over at Utah while Washington upset a 7th ranked Oregon State. The reasoning behind these Vegas odds are that Cal has been able to put up points at home while Washington has struggled mightily on the road.


Even with those Vegas odds, both ESPN analysts have Cal losing and even local writer Jon Wilner has Cal going down against the Huskies.  On top of all this, Washington is coming in with some momentum against a huge win against Oregon State.  Oh and did I mention that Keenan Allen (who accounts for 33% of our offense) is out for the season, along with DE Mustafa Jalil and OG Dominic Galas?


It’s not looking so bright out here in Berkeley and we are pretty much depleted of any sunshine pumpers. A loss at home against those damn Huskies will be another step towards firing Tedford. However, if we can somehow pull out our big guns **cough** Bigelow **cough** and play some solid defense, you just never know what may happen for the Cal Bears.