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Pac-12 Predictions Week 1

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Let’s Go Pac-12!  The most exciting games this week are Boise@Wash, WSU@Auburn, and of course NWU@Cal. Though I would keep an eye on Nevada@UCLA, they might just pull off what they did last year against us. This year I have decided NOT to predict Cal games because of my incredible bias (been drinking a lot of kool-aid lately).

Utah State @ Utah: These Utah rivals gets to kickoff the college football season on the West Coast. Utah is hungry for revenge after last year’s overtime loss. This time they will face their in-state rival at home. I say Utah wins a tough battle to the end. Utah State 13 – Utah 17

USC @ Hawaii: Hawaii was pretty terrible last season but still managed to get as many wins as Cal (sigh).  USC is gonna have a nice vacation over in Hawaii. I think the most interesting part of this game is who is Lane Kiffin going to play at QB. USC 42 – Hawaii 13

Northern Arizona @ Arizona: Last year, ASU destroyed Northern Arizona, but Northern Arizona got much better as the season progressed. However, I don’t think the Wildcats will have much trouble here. Northern Arizona 10 – Arizona 49

Nicholls State @ Oregon: Come on. This isn’t even fair. Nicholls St 6 – Oregon 72

Eastern Washington @ Oregon State: Eastern Washington isn’t that bad…outside of D1AA. Eastern Washington 3 – Oregon State 52

Washington State @ Auburn: It would be AMAZING if WSU can beat an SEC team at their own home even if they are a lower tier one. I think this will be a close one until the 4th quarter. Washington State 17 – Auburn 42

Nevada @ UCLA: I just don’t think that Nevada’s new coach will have the same magic that Chris Ault did, but they will have some fight that will catch UCLA off guard. Nevada 17 – UCLA 35

Boise State @ Washington: They had quite a battle during their bowl game matchup this past season. I think Chris Peterson will bring that black magic of his over to Seattle to spoil Washington’s opener in their newly renovated stadium. Boise State 34 – Washington 24

Colorado @ Colorado State: I really think MacIntyre can turn around this program like he did at San Jose State, and even though this is an in-state rivalry game I think Colorado comes out strong to win it. Colorado 35 – Colorado State 10

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