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Overall Ranking of Cal’s Stats After Week 1

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Let’s take a look at where we ranked with our good stats last week with Total Offense, Total Passing Offense, Player with Most Receiving Yards, and Player with Most Passing yards compared to our bad stats with Total Defense and Penalties.


Total Offense – 548 yards

Cal ranks #17 Nationally and #4 in the Pac-12

Total Passing Offense – 455 yards

Cal ranks #2 Nationally (Behind Fresno State) and #1 in the Pac-12

Player with Most Receiving Yards

Chris Harper and Bryce Treggs ranks #8 & #12 Nationally and #2 & #3 in the Pac-12 (Behind Brandin Cooks of Oregon State)

Player with Most Passing Yards – 445 Yards

Jared Goff ranks #3 Nationally (Behind Derek Carr & Shane Carden) and #1 in the Pac-12


Total Defense – 508 yards

Cal ranks #94 Nationally and #11 in the Pac-12 (Ahead of Oregon State and also Stanfurd did not play)

Penalties – 79 yards

Cal ranks #99 Nationally and #11 in Pac-12 (Ahead of UCLA)

If there was a most deflections against, Cal would probably rank last in the nation. The total defensive numbers look bad, but I’m not surprised considering that a fast offense means the defense sees more time on the field. However, those penalty problems doesn’t look like it has gone away. There were too many false starts that killed our momentum and other dumb/undisciplined penalties that would drive anyone mad. Our offense can’t move fast with constant penalties.

On the flip side, even though Goff threw 3 interceptions, he still connected with his receivers placing him #2 in the nation in passing yards and pushing Harper and Treggs into the top 12 in the nation in receiving yards. The only issue is that we couldn’t get a run game going, which is something Coach Dykes complained about after the game. The issue with our run game is that our offensive line is having issues pushing back their defenders to open up running lanes for our running backs.

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