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Cal vs Ohio State Defensive Stats


We all know that Cal’s defense has been really lacking the past two games, especially since we gave up 553 yards of offense to FCS Portland State. I just wanted to see how bad we are compared to Ohio State.


CAL – 227 Yards/Game (110th Nationally)

tOSU – 68.5 Yards/Game (8th Nationally)

With these numbers, it would look like Cal will get dominated in the running game. With the kind of offense Ohio State runs, the stats tell us that they should be able to roll all over Cal’s Run D, while on the other hand Cal’s rushing offense will get stifled by Ohio State. Also, I can guarantee that this year Ohio State will take Brendan Bigelow very seriously when he touches the ball.



CAL – 303 Yards/Game (106th Nationally)

tOSU – 200.5 Yards/Game (53rd Nationally)

If you thought our rushing defense was bad, statistically, our passing defense is even worse. Cal is going to need one hell of a defensive turnaround or Ohio State will be scoring early and often. On the brightside, Ohio State’s passing defense isn’t that great overall. It looks like if we are to win this Saturday, we will need to rely on the arms of our freshman QB in a shootout.


CAL – 37.0 Yards/Game (106th Nationally)

tOSU – 13.5 Yards/Game (25th Nationally)

There’s not too much to say here besides, Cal’s opponents have easily found the endzone while Ohio State has been able to defend their’s.


CAL – 530.5 Yards/Game (118th Nationally)

tOSU – 269.0 Yards/Game (18th Nationally)

Cal is looking really bad on defense after 2 weeks and it will probably not get any better against a tough Ohio State offense.

Now let’s take a look at Passes Defended, TFLs, Sacks,  and Penalties.


CAL – 9 (38th Nationally)

tOSU – 15 (5th Nationally)


CAL – 11 (63rd Nationally)

tOSU – 10 (74th Nationally)


CAL – 3 (62nd Nationally)

tOSU – 4 (45th Nationally)


CAL – 69.5 Yards/Game (105th Nationally)

tOSU – 84.5 Yards/Game (117th)

Looking at these numbers, Cal must be weary that Ohio State’s defensive backs are very capable of defending the pass; however, they don’t get into the backfield as often as other teams. Hopefully the extra second that Goff can get, he can read the right play. In terms of penalties, both Cal and Ohio State has their issues. Therefore, if Cal can minimize the penalties, Cal has a good chance of swinging momentum their way and keeping important drives going.

Author: ShawnXT

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2 thoughts on “Cal vs Ohio State Defensive Stats

  1. This is a great break down of the stats great job. Would you be interested in doing a Q&A with me for this Saturday’s game? I like to do Q&A with the opponents blog for our Buckeye Blog. Would love to work with you and let Buckeye fans get to know Cal from a bloggers point of view. Hope to hear back from you email me at

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