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Shawn X.T.

I am a big time sports fan. I love my CAL Golden Bears (That’s right I’m from CAL). I pretty much watch any sport, so when the Olympics come around don’t bother me. I was a former Cal student and a student manager for the California Golden Bears Football Team with a great group of people. I have worked with our tight ends, linebackers, and special teams during practices. Managed a ton of football equipment on a daily basis and sometimes I even went on the road with the team. Also, I got a giant ring out of it too, which I might post up some day.

Everyday, I look for the latest news on what’s happening with our Cal football team, who we are recruiting, what’s happening to former players, and the latest news on the Pac-12.

Jason A.W.

California grad (go bears!) back in 2008. I was an EECS geek and currently am a network engineer during the day, avid sports enthusiasts at night. My favorite teams in order are: Atlanta Braves, Cal Golden Bears, Los Angeles Lakers, Green Bay Packers and Los Angeles Kings. When I’m not blogging, foruming, or playing sports (basketball, softball, football), I enjoy reading up on technology (specifically on networking and cloud computing), playing spades, and having intellectual conversations.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey,

    I wanted to talk to you guys about an awesome Cal Football blogging opportunity. E-mail

  2. Hey Shawn,

    fellow golden bear here who stumbled on your blog. Would you be interested in selling any of the Bowl rings you received while a student manager? It’s not for resale, I’m just a big-time collector looking to get the crown jewel to his collection. Send me an email if interested. Thanks!

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