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Cal’s Best Case Scenario 2011

Cal Football Blog will take a look at Worst and Best Case Scenario for our Cal Football team this 2011 season.

Take a look at our schedule when you can.

With so many new faces, new leaders, and new coaches there are many possibilities for Cal Football. However, many sports analyst project Cal at second or third to last in the Pac-12 North because of a lack of returning stars for Cal while coming off Jeff Tedford’s first losing season in 9 years. No hype and no expectations. Maybe that’s a good thing for Cal.

This will be much much shorter than the worst case scenarios (sorry if you guys were looking for more)

Take a look at Cal Football Blog’s worst case scenarios: Part 1, Part 2


September 3rd, 2011 vs Fresno State Bulldogs @ Candlestick Park, San Francisco:

Fresno State thinks they can beat Cal because they have “heart”. However, they can’t compensate for that fact that Cal is much more athletic and powerful. Cal’s defensive line overpowers Fresno State, as both Ernest Owusu and Trevor Guyton are able to trouble QB Derek Carr and stop the run on every down. Zach Maynard comes out a little shaky, but Cal’s running game are able to open up Maynard’s passing game. Final score Cal 38-7. “Isi did a great job today and our defense was stellar,” says Tedford.

Cal overall record: [1-0]

September 10th, 2011 at Colorado Buffaloes @ Folsom Field, Boulder, CO:

Even though Cal is playing at Boulder this year, the results are no different from 2010. Cal’s offensive line is stout and doesn’t miss a step as they are able to open up holes for Isi and Covaughn all game. Once again, the Cal’s defense is pressuring the quarterback every down, but this time it is coming from the outside linebackers David Wilkerson and Chris McCain. Even when Colorado stops the Cal’s offense, Bryan Anger is able to bomb his punts through the thin Colorado air behind the Buff’s 15 yard line every single time. Final score, Cal 45-10. “We just couldn’t get any momentum going today and Cal’s defense never let up,” said Colorado head coach Jon Embree.

Cal overall record: [2-0]

September 17th, 2011 vs Presbyterian Blue Hose @ AT&T Park, San Francisco:

This game goes down in history as one of the most lopsided games of all-time. Cal’s offense are just lights out with Maynard throwing three touchdowns and Isi running in for two in the first quarter. In the last three quarters, the second and three string players dominate the Blue Hose. Even Austin Hinder comes into the game to throw a touchdown. On defense, Moala injures every single offensive linemen after running all over them, and gets on ESPN after he breaks away from a triple team as he sacks the quarterback and forces a fumble, which J.P. Hurrell recovers and takes it in for a touchdown. Final score, 83-0. “Well that was embarrassing,” says Presbyterian head coach Harold Nichols.

Cal overall record: [3-0]

September 24th, 2011 at Washington Huskies @ Husky Stadium, Seattle, WA:

Both Cal and the Washington go into the game with a lot of energy and poise. The game is very close all game because both defenses are playing very well and only having a few slip ups. However, late in the game Maynard throws a game changing interception allowing the Huskies to gain possession in the very last moments of the game. With only 3 minutes left and the game tied at 17-17, QB Keith Price is able to connect with WR Jermaine Kearse on a post route for a touchdown. Cal’s offense tries to come back in the waning moments of the game, but is forced off the field as the Husky defense is able to stop the Cal offense on a fourth down play. Final score, 24-17 Washington. “It was a tough game for our offense. There was a lot of pressure on Zach all game.” says Tedford.

Cal overall record: [3-1]

October 6th, 2011 at Oregon Ducks @ Autzen Stadium, Eugene, OR:

Autzen Stadium is loud and obnoxious as fans jeer and throw trash at the Cal players as they run out the tunnel. Immediately into the game, Oregon comes out with their octane offense and catches Cal’s defense on their heels, forcing Cal into an early deficit. However, Maynard is able to connect multiple times with Keenan Allen and Marvin Jones for large gains and setting up easy plays for Isi to run into the endzone. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the score is 24-13. However, both teams are deadlocked most of the quarter. With two minutes left, Cal is able to muscle in a touchdown from Covaughn Deboskie-Johnson as he is able to shed a few tackles to reach the endzone. However, Cal’s defense can’t produce a three and out on the Oregon offense, as they are able to milk the clock and end the game. Final score, 24-20 Oregon. “They got really close, but we were able to stick it through and win it, ” says Oregon head coach Chip Kelly.

Cal overall record: [3-2]

October 13th, 2011 vs USC Trojans @ AT&T Park, San Francisco:

After two consecutive losses, Cal is fed up and is hungry for a win. With the Trojans in town, the Cal fans are extremely hyped up and keeps AT&T Park loud all game. However, Cal is down early as Matt Barkley is able to connect with Robert Woods on a couple touchdowns. Cal continues to fight and scrap everything they can to keep hopes of a comeback possible. In the third quarter, Cal comes roaring out as Maynard is able to connect with multiple receivers on huge yards and creating a multiple touchdown opportunities in the redzone. By the fourth quarter, Cal is able to tie with USC at 21-21. The fourth quarter is all Cal, as the Cal defense sack Barkley three times while on the offense Isi is able to breakout for a 60 yard touchdown. Near the end of the game, Marvin Jones returns a punt for a touchdown from his own 30 yard line to seal the game for the Golden Bears. Final score, 35-24 Cal. “I can’t believe we finally beat USC,” says every Cal fan.

Cal overall record: [4-2]

October 22nd, 2011 vs Utah Utes @ AT&T Park, San Francisco:

A few Cal players still remember their loss to Utah during the Poinsettia Bowl back in 2009, and they are out for revenge. The entire game is dominated by Cal as the Cal defense picks apart QB Jordan Wynn. Cal’s secondary records 4 sacks and 4 interceptions, with two of them coming from CB Steve Williams. Utah’s defense has no answer to the unstoppable Maynard-Allen connection as Maynard is able to complete 8 completions to Allen and two touchdown passes. The offensive line never breaks apart and allows ample time for Maynard to throw on every passing play. Final score 45-14 Cal. “My arm was just feeling great today. I felt like I could do no wrong,” says QB Zach Maynard.

Cal overall record: [5-2]

October 29th, 2011 vs UCLA Bruins @ Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA:

The Bruins are still shaky at the quarterback position and UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel has the program going nowhere. Cal comes out very strong in the first half as the defense pressure QB Kevin Prince on almost every down, forcing him to make errant passes leading to multiple interceptions by the Cal secondary. Late in the second quarter, Marvin Jones takes a punt return for 70 yards after multiple crushing blocks from the Cal special teams. In the third quarter, the Cal running game picks up even more momentum as Isi, Covaughn, and C.J. Anderson are able to blow by the Bruin defense for long yardage on the ground. By the fourth quarter, the score is 45-10 Cal, and Tedford decides to bring in the second teams. Final Score, 52-13 Cal, and the Bears become bowl eligible. “We are very excited to be bowl eligible again, but we are still looking to win the Pac-12 North,” says Jeff Tedford.

Cal 0verall record: [6-2]

November 5th, 2011 vs Washington State Cougars @AT&T Park, San Francisco:

Once again, the Cougars are on track to have another losing season and head coach Paul Wulff is looking more likely to get fired. This game is all Zach Maynard as he has a career day going for 300 yards passing as he is able to connect to over 6 different receivers in the first half alone and going for 80 yards on the ground. The Cougars have no answer to the athleticism of Keenan Allen, as he is able to run past his defenders and even double teams. CB Steve Williams is able to shut down WR Marquess Wilson while the defensive line and the outside linebackers continuously pressure Jeff Tuel out of his comfort zone. During the middle of the third quarter, Washington State gives up and brings in their second team. Final score, 48-3 Cal. “I have to give all the credit to my O-line for giving me all day to find my receivers and giving me ample opportunity to make big plays,” says Zach Maynard.

Cal overall record:[7-2]

November 12th, 2011 vs Oregon State Beavers @ AT&T Park, San Francisco:

Oregon State is just not the same without Jaquizz Rodgers. The Bears come into this game with a 4 game winning streak and an AP Top 25 ranking. All the Cal fans know the pain that the Beavers have caused them in the past few years and are absolutely fired up for the game. With energy surging throughout AT&T Park, the Cal special teams goes nuts as they are able to complete a kick return, force two fumbles, and contain Oregon State’s James Rodgers to barely any return yards. The Cal’s defense is solid once again, as they are able to contain QB Ryan Katz, while at the same time making sure James Rodgers is contained at all times. Oregon State is not able to develop a running game, while on the other hand Cal is easily able to as Isi breaks loose on almost every play, including a huge 80 yard touchdown run. Final score 32-10 Cal. “Our defense have been very solid the past few games and they showed up again today,” says Cal defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast.

Cal overall record:[8-2]

November 19th, 2011 vs Stanford Cardinals @ Stanford Stadium, Palo Alto, CA:

This is one of the biggest Big Games ever in quite a while. Stanford’s only loss of the season is to Oregon and they still have a chance to make a BCS bowl if they beat Cal. The first three quarters are a nail biter as both teams exchange leads. Andrew Luck is as good as always as he is able to connect with Chris Owusu on multiple occasions. Even though the Cal secondary struggles against Stanford’s passing attack, Cal’s defensive line is able to hold any running attack, limiting what Stanford can do on offense. Cal’s running game also struggles as the offensive line are met with many aggressive attacks and struggle to open up holes for the running backs. However, Zach Maynard’s athleticism keeps Cal neck to neck with Stanford as he is able to make plays on the run to his brother Keenan Allen and TE Anthony Miller. As the fourth quarter runs down with only a couple minutes left, the game is tied 24-24. Stanford is able to push the offense all the way to Cal’s 40 yard line. However, Clancy Pendergast decides to go for a safety blitz, sending in Sean Cattouse. Andrew Luck does not see Cattouse coming as he is concerned about the pressure coming from outside linebacker David Wilkerson, allowing Cattouse to make a crushing tackle on Luck forcing a fumble. DL Trevor Guyton is able to recover the fumble, allowing Cal’s offense to take possession with only a minute left in the game. Stanford’s defense holds strong but Zach Maynard is still able to connect to TE Spencer Hagan on a couple drives allowing Cal is get to Stanford’s 40 yard line. With only moments left in the game, Marvin Jones goes on a reverse then tosses the ball to Keenan Allen for a double reverse, and then Allen slows down behind the line of scrimmage to throw the ball down to a wide open Zach Maynard for the game winning touchdown! Cal fans rush the field as they take back the Axe. “Revenge never felt so good,” says Sean Cattouse.

Cal overall record: [9-2]

November 25th, 2011 vs Arizona State Sun Devils @ Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, AZ:

If Arizona State can beat Cal, they will qualify for the Pac-12 Championship, while for Cal a win would mean a trip to the Alamo Bowl instead of a much lower paying one. Arizona State still remembers the throttling that the Bears gave them last season and they are out for revenge. However, the first half is filled with mistakes on both sides as neither team can get anything going. The half-time score is 10-10. However, in the third quarter Arizona State’s QB Brock Osweiler is able to make a few big plays giving the Sun Devils a 10 point lead going into the fourth quarter. With the score at 20-10 ASU, the Cal defense is able to step it up again forcing bad mistakes and stopping the run. With only five minutes left in the game, Cal’s offense is able to create a couple quick scores with the help of the defense forcing key three and outs on the Sun Devils. As the Bears and the Sun Devils battle it out with only a minute to go, the score is tied at 20-20. Cal has the chance to create something on the final possession with only 10 seconds left in the game. Maynard connects with Isi on a wheel route, with only 3 seconds left in the game, but only reaching the Sun Devil’s 38 yard line. Tedford decides to bring in Georgio for a possible game-winning 48 yard field goal. The Sun Devil Stadium is extremely loud with noise as Georgio sets up for his kick. Georgio is able to get a solid kick on the ball and easily makes it between the uprights, winning the game for Cal. The team rushes the field as they celebrate a great regular season. “Pressure? What pressure?” says Georgio Tavecchio as he was asked how he handled the pressure.

Cal overall record: [10-2]

December 29th, 2011 vs Oklahoma State Cowboys, Alamo Bowl, San Antonio, TX:

Oklahoma State has a major advantage going in to the game with the majority of the crowd filled with their fans. However, once the whistle blows, Cal’s offense come out firing. Zach Maynard is able to connect with Keenan Allen for two touchdowns in the first quarter and is able to maintain focus even when the pocket breaks down. Cal’s secondary does an amazing job of containing QB Brandon Weeden and future NFL 1st round pick WR Justin Blackmon. Going into halftime the score is 21-10 Cal. The second half is a whole different story for Cal’s offense, as Oklahoma State is able to shut down Cal’s running game and continuously pressure  Zach into making bad decisions. However, Oklahoma State’s offense still can not get anything going as Cal’s defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast laughs at their futility. Final score, 27-13 Cal. “Our defense has been amazing all year and they stepped it up again today,” says Jeff Tedford

Cal Final Record: [11-2]

After the season best case scenarios:

Cal picks up a Top 10 recruiting class. Bryan Anger, Mitchell Schwartz, and Mychal Kendricks are All-American. Half the team is on the All-Pac 12 first, second, or third team.

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Cal Home Field Advantage, What Happens in 2011?

Since Jeff Tedford’s arrival in 2002, the Cal Bears have had an unprecedented amount of success at Memorial Stadium. However, in 2011 a new era begins for the golden bear football team as they make a new home at AT&T Park. The move to San Francisco comes at a rather unfortunate time as the new Pac 12 league opens with a grueling home schedule.

A quick glance at Cal’s past home field numbers shows that this years relocation could cause a lot of issues. One of the bigger issues is the fact that AT&T Park holds significantly less people than the much bigger and football oriented Memorial stadium. AT&T Park capacity maxes out around 41,918 people, which is 30,000 less than the capacity back in Berkeley. However, a smaller crowd does not necessarily mean less crowd noise because AT&T parks acoustics are arguably superior to the 88 year old Memorial stadium. In 2010, the Cal Bears went 4-3 at home but ended the year with a very disappointing three straight losses. Even more importantly, they were run off the field by Andrew Luck and the Stanford Cardinals, which the Cal fan base was not pleased about whatsoever. In 2009 Cal’s home record was 4-2, yet crucial losses against USC and Oregon State overshadowed victories against mediocre Maryland, Eastern Washington and Arizona State teams. The 2008 football season is the last time Cal’s home record has been impressive enough to illustrate how dominant Tedford’s bears teams once were. The 2008 squad went 6-0 at home, posting victories over Stanford, Oregon, UCLA, Michigan State, Washington and Arizona State. What does this all mean for the 2011 bears team?  Primarily, the 2011 team will have major challenges ahead in dealing with the new grounds at the China Basin in San Francisco. That does not ultimately mean the team will struggle, but certainly will face the difficulty of having teams come in without feeling overwhelmed by the home environment. Moreover, Memorial Stadium was well known around the former Pac 10 for having the worst visiting facilities. That may not seem like too big of an advantage but one must never underestimate the ability to get into your opponents head before even stepping foot onto the field. The 2011 team will have to solve the various mishaps that have been occurring at home over the past two years, one prominent image of a false start on a field goal attempt is immediately brought to mind. The Bears away record has been dismal over the past three years, thus they need step their game to a very high level if they want to compete in the inaugural year of the Pac 12 schedule.

The other prominent issue that will undoubtedly play a role over the next season is the decision to place the student section off of the 50 yard line. What makes memorial stadium unique is the fact the students sit right in the middle of the 50 yard line on the home sideline. Players and coaches alike all look behind them to see a rowdy bunch of fans decked from head to toe in blue and gold. That prominent image will no longer play quite as big of a role as the student sections are scattered between the 35 and 40 yard markers. The overflow seating extends into the upper deck of AT&T which means the loudest and most definitely craziest/most inebriated fans will be left without too much of a voice. An outsiders perspective would suggest the higher ups at Berkeley sacrificed the student sections prime seating for the opportunity to raise more money by selling premium sideline seats to wealthy alumni. Anyone who remembers the 2008 Emerald Bowl will tell you that the student sections strategic placement played a role in the home field advantage that was generated against the Miami Hurricanes.

Ultimately, the home field advantage will come down to two major factors. First, if the students at Berkeley feel compelled week by week to make the trek out in busses to AT&T park. There is a chance the journey out to the park could eventually becoming too overwhelming, particularly if the season heads in the wrong direction early on. Secondly, it is up to Tedford and his staff to completely convince his players that they are in a home field environment. If the players exhibit the enthusiasm on the field it will undoubtedly rub off on the fans attending the game. The bears desperately need to get back to the home field advantage that became a staple around Berkeley for so many of Tedford’s first years. They need to instill fear into their new and old opponents and prepare to bring the ruckus against all who enter their new home. There is one sure thing, AT&T park will be rocking on opening day against Presbyterian and even more so against the Trojans on October 13th.

Roll on you bears


Official Depth Chart Released

With the season opener vs. Fresno State less than a week away, Cal has released its first official depth chart of the season:

Also included is a link to the 2011 Information Guide (formerly known as the Media Guide):

Some notables:

– Covaughn Deboskie-Johnson is the #2 RB, ahead of C.J. Anderson

– Chris Adcock & Justin Gates are the top backups at guard

– Mustafa Jalil has made the 2-deep as a backup DE, along with Gabe King

– Dan Camporeale is listed as the starter at one OLB spot, ahead of Ryan Davis

– Marvin Jones is the #1 PR, while Mike Manuel is one of the starting KRs

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2011 Depth & Position Analysis

Fall Camp ended on Monday for the 2011 California Golden Bears.  The team has now started preparing for the season opener vs. Fresno State.  The coaches have likely made their decisions regarding the initial 2011 depth chart.  Below is Cal Football Blog’s unofficial position-by-position analysis.

Note:  According to various reports (including Okanes & Gorcey), at least 6 true freshmen will play this year:  WR Maurice Harris, TE Richard Rodgers, NT Vei Moala, LB Brennan Scarlett, CB Stefan McClure, S Avery Walls.  A few more may or may not redshirt, depending on need and/or how they develop:  RB Brendan Bigelow, WR Bryce McGovern (walk-on), DE Mustafa Jalil, CB Kam Jackson.

[true freshmen in italics / (approximate scholarship count in parentheses)]

Quarterbacks (5)

#15 Zach Maynard JR

#16 Allan Bridgford SO

#10 Brock Mansion SR

#7 Austin Hinder FR

#6 Kyle Boehm FR (redshirt)

Maynard has been the starter since the end of Spring Ball.  Under the tutelage of Coach Tedford and Coach Arroyo, he has shown marked improvement since the spring and most notably throughout fall camp.  Bridgford was recently named the backup QB, and should provide a solid #2 option.  Hinder could push Mansion for the #3 spot as the season progresses.  Boehm will redshirt.

Running Backs (11)

#20 Isi Sofele JR (TB) & #22 Will Kapp SR (FB)

#33 Covaughn Deboskie-Johnson JR (TB) & #31 John Tyndall SR (FB)

#23 Dasarte Yarnway SO (TB) & #29 Nico Dumont SO (FB)

#9 C.J. Anderson JR (TB) & #32 David Aknin JR (FB)

#13 Mike Manuel JR (TB)

#5 Brendan Bigelow FR (possible redshirt)

#25 Daniel Lasco FR (redshirt)

#34 Darren Ervin FR (redshirt)

#24 Trajuan Briggs FR (injured) & #48 Eric Stevens JR (injured)

Sofele and Kapp will start, while Deboskie should get substantial carries in Coach Gould’s 2-back system.  Yarnway and Anderson will continue to compete for the #3 role, with Anderson reportedly pushing CDJ for the #2 spot.  Manuel should contribute on special teams.  Bigelow could potentially redshirt, while fellow freshmen Lasco & Ervin will redshirt as well.  Stevens is out for the year with an injury, and Briggs’ status is also in doubt (unconfirmed/possible injury).

Wide Receivers (7)

#1 Marvin Jones SR & #21 Keenan Allen SO

#11 Mike Calvin SR & #2 Coleman Edmond SR

#4 Kaelin Clay FR & #3 Maurice Harris FR

#86 Bryce McGovern FR & #8 Terrance Montgomery FR

#28 Jackson Bouza SO & #81 Ross Bostock JR

#17 Quinn Tedford JR & #89 Stephen Anderson FR (redshirt)

In Jones and Allen, Cal potentially has two #1 receivers – with a solid season, both could end up with post-season honors.  Calvin is due for a breakout year, while Edmond is a versatile option as a deep threat and on end-arounds/fly-sweeps.  Clay will provide Coach Kiesau’s group with elite speed, while Harris will play as a true freshman.  In somewhat of a surprise, walk-on true freshman Bryce McGovern is also likely to play this year.  Nicknamed “Wes Welker” by his teammates, McGovern showed solid hands and route-running throughout camp – if he doesn’t redshirt, he should contribute at least on special teams.

Tight Ends (5)

#80 Anthony Miller SR

#87 Spencer Hagan SO

#45 Spencer Ladner JR

#84 Jacob Wark FR

#82 Richard Rodgers FR

#85 Ben Miroglio FR (redshirt)

Miller is the undisputed starter, while converted WR Spencer Hagan should see significant time as an H-back/flex-TE.  Given the limited experienced depth at FB, Ladner and Wark will likely be in the rotation as the 2nd TE in 2-tight end sets.  Freshman Richard Rodgers rounds out the depth, providing additional size and speed to Coach Genyk’s group.

Offensive Line (13)

#72 Mitch Schwartz SR (LT) / #57 Brian Schwenke JR (LG) / #65 Dom Galas JR (C) / #61 Justin Cheadle SR (RG) / #75 Matt Summers-Gavin JR (RT)

#77 Tyler Rigsbee JR (T) / #71 Alex Crosthwaite FR (G) / #68 Mark Brazinski SO (C)

#79 Bill Tyndall SO (T) / #70 Geoff Gibson FR (G) / #58 Chris Adcock FR (C)

#74 Matt Williams JR (T) / #52 Justin Gates SR (G)

#77 Jordan Rigsbee FR (redshirt) / #59 Brian Farley FR (redshirt)

The 5 starters are experienced – only Galas is not a returning starter – but there is very little proven depth behind them.  Coach M has been working hard to develop and determine the “next 3 guys” in the rotation – most likely Rigsbee and Crosthwaite, plus one of Tyndall/Gibson/Brazinski.  No doubt, the OL (health & production) will be key to the success of the Bears’ offense this year.

Defensive Line (11)

#92 Trevor Guyton SR (DE) / #96 Kendrick Payne JR (NT) / #95 Ernest Owusu SR (DE)

#91 Deandre Coleman SO (DE) / #50 Aaron Tipoti JR (NT) / #99 Gabe King FR (DE)

#56 Keni Kaufusi SO (DE) / #55 Vei Moala FR (NT) / #90 Mustafa Jalil FR (DE)

#41 Todd Barr FR (redshirt) / #75 Puka Lopa FR (redshirt)

Coach Lupoi leads the deepest group on the team – Guyton/Payne/Owusu are the starters, but Coleman/Tipoti/King will be in the regular rotation and will play substantial minutes.  350 lb true freshman Vei Moala will play, and there is a good chance fellow true frosh Moose Jalil will play as well.

Linebackers (14)

#44 Dave Wilkerson FR (OLB) / #30 Mychal Kendricks SR (ILB) / #3 D.J. Holt SR (ILB) / #40 Chris McCain FR (OLB)

#14 Cecil Whiteside FR (OLB) / #22 Ryan Davis SR (OLB) / #33 Nick Forbes SO (ILB)

#17 Brennan Scarlett FR (OLB) / #42 Steve Fanua SO (ILB) / #37 Rob Mullins JR (ILB)

#34 J.P. Hurrell JR (ILB) / #43 Dan Camporeale SO (OLB) / #51 Kam Krebs JR (OLB)

#19 Jason Gibson FR (redshirt) / #13 Jalen Jefferson FR (redshirt) / #32 Nathan Broussard FR (redshirt)

Kendricks and Holt, both seniors and returning starters, are the heart of Coach P’s defense.  They’ll be flanked by Wilkerson on the strongside, while McCain/Whiteside/Davis will rotate and compete for the weakside/rush LB (Predator) spot.  Freshman Brennan Scarlett will likely see time in passing situations, while Nick Forbes will be the top backup in the middle.  Coach Thompson’s group has experienced depth with Mullins, Fanua, Hurrell, Camporeale, and Krebs – all should contribute on special teams.

Cornerbacks (7)

#2 Marc Anthony JR & #1 Steve Williams SO

#23 Josh Hill JR & #21 Stefan McClure FR

#15 Adrian Lee FR & #9 Kam Jackson FR (possible redshirt)

#20 Issac Lapite FR & #27 Joel Willis FR (redshirt)

Coach Ambrose called his CB group “explosive” in a recent interview.  Anthony & Williams are solid starters, while Hill also has starting experience and should see plenty of snaps as the nickelback/rover.  Lee and true freshman Stefan McClure provide depth, while true frosh Kam Jackson may also play.

Safeties (6)

#11 Sean Cattouse SR & #7 D.J. Campbell SR

#8 C.J. Moncrease SR & #5 Mike Coley FR

#4 Avery Walls FR & #6 Alex Logan SO

#31 Tyre Ellison JR

Cattouse heads into his senior season has the leader of the secondary, and he will be joined by Campbell as the starting safeties.  Fellow senior C.J. Moncrease provides experienced depth, while Coley and true freshman Avery Walls should contribute at least on special teams.

Specialists (4)

#40 Giorgio Tavecchio SR (K) / #19 Bryan Anger SR (P) / #50 Matt Rios JR (LS)

#16 Vince D’Amato JR (K) / #45 Jed Barnett FR (P)

#2 Coleman Edmond (KR) & #21 Keenan Allen (PR/KR)

#4 Kaelin Clay (KR) & #1 Marvin Jones (PR)

Tavecchio has reportedly improved his leg strength and accuracy, while Anger is one of the top punters in the nation.  Rios is a solid long snapper, and Mansion will continue to hold for field goals and PATs.  Edmond and Allen (or Clay) will likely be the top 2 kick returners, while Allen will serve double-duty as the punt returner.

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Premiere of Cal Football Preview Show

Starting tomorrow, Tues 8/22/11 7:30pm on CSN California, there will be a Cal Football Preview Show.

According to Cal Media Relations:

The show, hosted by Jim Kozimor, includes a sit-down interview with head coach Jeff Tedford. Other features will take a look at senior linebackers Mychal Kendricks and D.J. Holt, the family trio of brothers Keenan Allen and Zach Maynard along with cousin Maurice Harris, and a splash punt into McCovey Cove compliments of preseason All-American Bryan Anger.

An entire listing of dates and times the show will be telecast on CSN California for the remainder of August are listed below.

• Tue., Aug. 23 (7:30 p.m. PT)

• Wed., Aug. 24 (3 p.m. PT)

• Thu., Aug. 25 (1:30 p.m. PT)

• Fri., Aug. 26 (8 p.m. PT)

• Sat., Aug. 27 (6 p.m. PT)

• Sun., Aug. 28 (2:30 p.m. PT)

• Wed., Aug. 31 (3 p.m. PT)

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Fall Camp Links (Day 15)!

After every practice (that’s open to the media) we will try to provide you with links from other sites about what is going on at Witter Field.

Fall Camp Day 15*

  • Spencer Hagan is the No 2 Tight-End
  • According to John Breech of CBS Sports, RB Dasarte Yarnway and OLB David Wilkerson sat out practice
  • Also, according to Breech, Tedford is concerned about the OL depth due to injuries
  • More on Cal OL
*links will be updated with links from other news articles if available