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Jason A.W.’s Pac-12 Bowl Predictions

Pac-12 is looking a very daunting bowl season this year, being dogs in 6/7 games. USC not playing, 2 BCS bowl teams bumps everyone up and coinciding with a bunch of bowl tie-ins with a strong Big-12, puts the conference in a tough spot. However a 3/7 bowl season with a BCS win or preferably a 4/7 season with 2 BCS wins would propel the conference immensely into its sophomore season.

Arizona State 24 Boise State 42 – ASU’s best player is a linebacker who can’t keep his head on straight. Boise’s best player is a quarterback who always seems to rise to the occasion. Advantage Broncos.

California 26 Texas 21 – I believe Giorgio will kick the Bears to a victory in a game where special teams plays a key role with two inconsistent offenses.

Washington 34 Baylor 45 – The “other” Bears put up more points in a shootout where RG3 cements himself as the second QB taken in the draft after Matt Barkley’s announcement that he’s coming back for a senior season.

Utah 23 Georgia Tech 17 – I have strong faith in Kyle Whittingham’s ability to coach these big games (sans Boise State last year) and Norm Chow’s ability to draw up schematic plays to move the football in a conservative offense relying heavily on John White IV. With ample preparation, the Utes should have strong clamps on Paul Johnson’s triple option attack.

UCLA 30 Illinois 27 – The Bruins continue their tradition of jumping the wall on Tuesday and will lose 3 seniors due to academic ineligibility but I believe the baby bears somehow pull this off in the Bay.

Oregon 24 Wisconsin 30 – I have been burned by Oregon too many times. Boise State, Stanford, Ohio State, Auburn, and LSU have all been able to stop the Ducks with ample preparation time. The Ducks need this game for validation much like Ohio State did in the 2010 Rose Bowl.

Stanford 38 Oklahoma State 30 – Hard to bet on the best player in the game. In addition I think the difference will be the run game of Stanford with two future 1st round prospects on the OLine, bashing Stepfan Taylor down the Poke’s run defense ranked 110+ in the country.

A bit optimistic on my picks. It would be nice if Oregon can get over the hump.

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Shawn X.T.’s Pac-12 Predictions: Week 13

[Overall predictions]: 58-19 [The Week Before]: 2-4

Talk about a bad week for predictions. So many upsets. Unfortunately, Cal couldn’t be part of that.

There are a lot on the line for Utah, UCLA, and Arizona State this weekend.

Colorado 17 – Utah 32: Colorado covers (22)

California 27 – Arizona State 17: California covers (5.5)

Oregon State 10 – Oregon 42: Oregon covers (-28)

Louisiana-Lafayette 17 – Arizona 32: Arizona covers (-13.5)

Washington State 24 – Washington 35: Washington covers (-9)

Notre Dame 21 – Stanford 38: Stanford covers (-7)

UCLA 17 – USC 32: USC covers (-15)

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Shawn X.T.’s Pac-12 Predictions: Week 12

[Overall predictions]: 56-15 [The Week Before]: 4-2

Woot! Cal is bowl-eligible!

Cal is a major underdog this year against Stanford. Will we see another Big Game miracle from Cal?

Washington 38 – Oregon State 14: Washington covers (-2)

Utah 27 – Washington State 17: Utah covers (-3.5)

Colorado 24 – UCLA 27: Colorado covers (11)

USC 28 – Oregon 48: Oregon covers (-14.5)

Arizona 21 – Arizona State 28: Arizona covers (11)

California 35– Stanford 34: California covers (17.5)

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Shawn X.T.’s Pac-12 Predictions: Week 11

[Overall predictions]: 52-13 [The Week Before]: 5-1

So what’s up with UCLA?

Stanford-Oregon this Saturday may determine the first Pac-12 champion.

Arizona 17 – Colorado 21: Colorado covers (11)

Washington 28 – USC 32: Washington covers (12)

UCLA 21 – Utah 24: UCLA covers (7)

Oregon 32 – Stanford 35: Oregon covers (3.5)

Arizona State 42 – Washington State 10: Arizona State covers (-13)

Oregon State 17 – California 28: California covers (-9)

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Jason A.W.’s Pac-12 Predictions: Week 10

[Overall predictions]: 48-11 [The Week Before]: 6-0

USC 38 – Colorado 17: Carson Palmer’s Heisman campaign began here in 2002.

Stanford 48 – Oregon State 20: Trap game? Probably not.

Washington State 24 – California 32: Seems as if WSU and ASU are the only schools Cal has been able to beat consistently beat lately.

Utah 28 – Arizona 37: Utah and Colorado’s debut in the Pac-12 has been rather ugly.

Arizona State 38 – UCLA 27: Sparky seems to be the Pac-12 South representative at this point. A victory here all but seals the deal.

Oregon 52 – Washington 31: Probably the most highly contested “secondary” rivalry game outside of the Red River in the West Coast.

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Shawn X.T.’s Pac-12 Predictions: Week 10

[Overall predictions]: 47-12 [The Week Before]: 6-0

Sorry I couldn’t place my predictions last week. Busy with life.

Let’s hope Washington State doesn’t pull a UCLA on Cal.

USC 35 – Colorado 10 : USC covers (-20.5)

Stanford 38 – Oregon State 21: Oregon State covers (-21)

Washington State 17 – California 38: California covers (-9.5)

Utah 32 – Arizona 27: Utah covers (-3.5)

Arizona State 35 – UCLA 17: Arizona State covers (-8.5)

Oregon 52 – Washington 27: Oregon covers (-16.5)