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Pac-12 Predictions: Week 9

Overall: [42-17] Last week: [4-1]

Huge games for UCLA, ASU and OSU, Washington. Can Cal bounce back from a terrible loss to rival Stanfurd?

Colorado 10 – Oregon 52: Another easy win for Oregon, and another sad loss for Colorado.

UCLA 32 – Arizona St. 37: I’m going with the home team on a last second touchdown for the win.

USC 48 – Arizona 34: Barkley will continue to get back into the Heisman race.

Washington St. 14 – Stanford 32: This should be an easy game for the Cardinals.

California 27 – Utah 24: If Cal can’t win here, bowl chances are extremely thin.

 Oregon St. 24 – Washington 7: Potential upset? I don’t think so. Not the way OSU’s defense has been playing compared to Washington’s Offense.


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Jason A. W’s Pac-12 Predictions: Week 8

Overall: [36-16] Last week: [3-3]

Bad week for me last week. Stupid refs screwed Stanford over and now I’m officially a buyer on Oregon State.

Oregon 45 – Arizona St. 34: Remember the last time Oregon went into the state of Arizona with a #2 ranking? Ouch. Yes that was the game where Dennis Dixon pulled his ankle and Oregon which was rolling at the time, lost their chance at a BCS shot. O yea, Cal was the only team to beat Oregon with a healthy Dixon that year.

Stanford 28 – California 34: Does this score look familiar? JT, go for a touchdown this time instead of a field goal down 3 8 yards away from the end zone!

Colorado 15 – USC 48: One of these games Matt Barkley is due to explode. I have a feeling it will be this one.

Washington 34– Arizona 23: Going with the upset here. I believe Washington’s defense will be able to stop Matt Scott and the spread option for a win down in the desert.

Utah 32 – Oregon St. 35: I expect the Beavers to squeak out a victory here. Pretty exiting end to an OSU-Utah game right here in 2008 where Oregon State actually played the Beavers tougher than Alabama that season.

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Pac-12 Predictions: Week 8

Overall: [38-16] Last week: [5-1]

It’s time for the Big Game…in October. A victory here for the Bears will push them in the right direction.

Oregon 42 – Arizona St. 37: This should be quite a game with fire power on both sides. However, I don’t see ASU being able to stop Kenjon Barner and De’Anthony Thomas

Stanford 20 – California 25: Does this score look familiar?

Colorado 14 – USC 48: USC will end this game by the end of the first half.

Washington 21 – Arizona 33: Big game for both teams, but Arizona was able to put up a lot of points against Stanford while Washington’s offense has been struggling.

Utah 17 – Oregon St. 27: The way OSU has been playing, it is hard to see Utah being able to deliver an upset.


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Pac-12 Predictions: Week 7

Overall: [33-15] Last week: [5-0]

I told you Cal was gonna win didn’t I? A win against the Cougars this week will give Cal a little momentum before the Big Game.

Arizona St. 42 Colorado 14: The way ASU has been playing, they should roll by Colorado.

Utah 28 – UCLA 31: UCLA will be hungry for a win after their upset loss against Cal.

Stanford 23 – Notre Dame 21: Huge OOC game for Stanford and the Pac-12. In my opinion, Notre Dame is overrated and the Stanford D will show up after giving up a ton against Arizona.

Oregon St 13 – BYU 7: This was a tough decision. With Mannion out, the Beavers will have to rely on there defense. Good thing that D is darn good.

USC 32 – Washington 27: Sark knows the Trojans in and out but Matt Barkley will show up for this matchup.

California 35 – Washington St. 10: It’s supposed to rain this Saturday over at Washington State. Look for Cal to run all over the opposing defense.

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Jason A.W.’s Pac-12 Predictions: Week 6

Overall: [28-15] Last week: [2-3]
All conference games left except for a couple of games against Notre Dame and one more against BYU.

USC 31 – Utah 21: This was penciled in as the trap game in the game for the USC. If USC hadn’t lost I would be tempted to pick the upset, but I believe there’s more urgency for the Trojans now.

Arizona 17  – Stanford 23: Stanford bounces back against Arizona. Look for the running game to get back on track.

Washington St. 17 – Oregon St. 24: Oregon State is in the top 25 and will look to improve its ranking with a win against the Cougs.

UCLA 31 – California 35: UCLA hasn’t won in Berkeley since 1998 believe it or not. Outside of 2009, this has been a series dominated by the home team. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Washington 17  – Oregon 55: Oregon probably still holds grudges for Toshgate so expect to see the score run up a little.

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Pac-12 Predictions: Week 6

Overall: [28-15] Last week: [3-2]

The Pac-12 looks really deep this year. Unfortunately, our Cal Bears are at the bottom of that pile.

USC 32 – Utah 24: Utah will start strong at home but the Trojans will be back in national championship form.

Arizona 13  – Stanford 33: After a very disappointing defeat against Washington, Stanford will be out for blood in front of their home crowd.

Washington St. 10 – Oregon St. 27: Oregon State is looking damn good while Washington State has a long way to go.

UCLA 21 – California 45: Tedford finally wakes up and uses Bigelow who blows up for 150 yards. #GoBears!

Washington 17  – Oregon 35: Will Tosh Lupoi bring over the fake injury strategy over to Washington?

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Jason A.W.’s Pac-12 Predictions: Week 5

Wasn’t able to post picks last week since I was out of town. But I went 3-2. Didn’t see UCLA losing and Wazzou losing.


Overall: [26-12] Last week: [3-2]


Stanford 35 – Washington 28: Stanford is for real. It’s more than just Luck and Harbaugh as they will prove

Arizona State 14 – California 41: [D’Amato with the Game Winning FG! Tedford needs this win or his seat will be scorching] – My buddy Shawn is reliving 2009 when Cal squeezed out a 2 point victory on Halloween

UCLA 42 – Colorado 17: UCLA will win and bounce back.

Oregon State 17 – Arizona 38: Arizona is a lot more explosive than they showed on national TV in Eugene last week.

Oregon 42 – Washington State 24: Ugh, when will Oregon finally play a meaningful game.