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Jason A. W’s Cal vs. Ohio State First Half Analysis

View from the shoe

Cal comes out in blue/white/white helmet/uniform/pants combination. Jeff Tedford is 6-0 against the Big-10. Let’s make it 7-0 today!

– Cal defense shows great sign of intensity on the first series. Marc Anthony with a nice breakup on 3rd down to force a punt.

– Maynard passes for a couple of first downs, but more accurate throws could have lead to more yards after the carry.

– Bears get a great punt and pin the Buckeyes inside the 5 and force a 3 and out. Ohio State wide receivers have gifted the Bears with a couple of drops and Keenan fair catches at midfield for great field position.

– Cal actually goes for it on 4th and 4 and Chris Harper drops a first down. Offensive line looks better and Maynard seems a bit more settled.

– Braxton Miller jukes out of a 3rd and 3. Marc Anthony and Alex Logan both had a great chance.

– Great response drive from the Bears. Isi gets a couple of nice runs and Keenan breaks out a 5 yard hitch route for 20 additional yards.

– Chris Harper trots in from a bubble screen and Cal leads 7-6! I’d love to see the missed extra point for OSU come back and haunt them! We might cover 16.5!

– Bucks take advantage of an overly aggressive secondary. Tim Tebow probably ran that play to perfection.

– Typical Tedford 3rd and long and we run a draw resulting in a 18 yard punt.

– Maynard takes a hit and almost gets picked off.

– Stevie Williams is getting picked on deep passes. Interesting analysis from the announcers that Marc Anthony is our best cornerback and should be covering Devin Smith. Nevertheless Cal is now down 20-7, we need a big response now.

– Maynard gets down, Cal punts, but we get a gift 15 yard unsportsmanlike. Let’s force a punt and get good field position.

– ESPN was nice enough to show some rugby highlights which might be the highlight for Cal fans. BTW we won 15-5.

– Finally a first down. Isi just seems so overmatched when he runs inside.

– Ugh Jacob Wark with a somewhat unnecessary hold negating a C.J. Anderson touchdown. Announcers don’t like the call. Hopefully we can still punch the ball in. Allen takes a shot, we might get that flag given back to us.

– Wow refs are making it even harder for us. Some of these calls are starting to get pretty ridiculous.

– I’m not surprised that the field goal didn’t go in. Just the type of call which always goes against Cal.

– Defense has been playing much better, but our offense (and refs) need to start helping them out.

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[2011 Holiday Bowl] Cal vs. Texas : First Half Analysis

The Bears hope to leave SD winners tonight

– Texas appears to be trying to establish the run early.

– Gutsy 4th down call by Mack Brown pays off

– Pretty fortunate ball was touched by a longhorn avoids a disastrous start for the Bears.

– Maynard looks great converting 2 pivotal 3rd downs.

– Great field goal to bail us out despite the penalties.

– Our defense is swarming Ash, I wonder how much longer till we see McCoy.

– Maynard isn’t moving the ball that much more effectively than Ashe, we have looked sloppy on our exchanges and hikes tonight.

– Hopefully we can hold them to a field goal attempt after an inexcusable dropped mesh between Maynard and Anderson. [Wide left!]

– Ugh , Angar shanks a punt. It’s so obviously now we are throwing too many bubble screens to KA21 and Maynard is always rolling to his left.

– Wow defensive breakdown on the TE on that play gives Texas a huge boost. That was a pretty nifty trick play called by Harsin.

– Great return is nullified by inability to gain much on first down. Our offense is moving backwards. Terrible we can’t even get a field goal attempt on that last drive.

– Looks like this will be a war of attrition folks. Game will probably be won on field position.

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Holiday Bowl Random Facts

DeSean Jackson celebrates with the game ball 5 years ago in the 2006 Holiday Bowl

– The 1984 BYU team lead by Robbie Bosco won the 1984 National Championship after winning the Holiday Bowl despite beating a 6-5 Michigan team. This marked the last time a Non-AQ team won the National Championship (outside a few random computers which voted Utah the champion back in 2009). BYU at the time was part of the WAC. The Holiday Bowl was the best tie-in available for them which lead to reforms for the non-AQ schools’ bowl tie-ins.

– BYU played in the first 7 Holiday Bowls. For those who thought BYU’s annual trip to Las Vegas (2004-2009) was long, this was a longer and probably far less exciting trips for the Mormons.

– There have been 6 different sponsors for the Holiday Bowl, ranging from Shamu (Sea World), to Rental Cars (Thrifty), and a water softener company (Culligan).

– Bridgeport Education (the current sponsor) offers online classes post secondary degrees including bachelors, masters and PHDs. They were founded in Colorado, but based out of San Diego now.

– The Holiday Bowl has always been known for high scoring and exciting endings. The 2000 game (Oregon vs. Texas) and 2001 game (Washington vs. Texas) were both voted as one of the 25 most exciting bowls in the BCS era.

– The Big-12 currently holds the edge 8-6 against the Pac-12 in the Holiday Bowl.

– Uniforms have played an important part in determining the result of the Holiday Bowl. Since 2005, the designated home team has won every contest. Texas is home this year unfortunately for Bear fans. In addition Texas is 2-1 in their home uniforms in San Diego. But if there’s a time to end the streak, this year would be a great year to do so!

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Jason A.W.’s Cal vs. ASU First Half in Game Analysis

Kennan Allen looks to get open for a lot of bombs this evening in Tempe

– We’ll see how much Arizona State has to play for after Colorado’s win today eliminates ASU’s chance at the Pac-12 Championship Game.

– Great first drive for Cal, anybody know who Jackson Bouza was before today? Giorgio comes up with a clutch 48 yard kick to give the Bears an early lead. Cal 3-0

– Cal is going to need to step up their running game defense against Marshall and Osweiler if they don’t want to get blown out tonight. Our run defense got cut through like swiss cheese that drive. ASU 7-3

– Cal looks great in their response drive. Great run by Isi. I’m surprised Isi attempted to reverse the field on that play, but it worked. Isi caps off a nice drive and runs it in to give the Bears the lead.

– Craig and Mike keep mentioning about Zach Maynard’s accuracy is starting to get annoying.

– Trevor Guyton with a great strip and Kendricks with a big run back after special teams rears its ugly head again (ALLLOOOMMAARRR?).

– I like the aggressive play calling and going for the bomb right after the turnover. Great read by Maynard to get the touchdown. Love to see more zone read plays on 3rd and short.

– Great analysis by the announcers pointing out how Cal is playing with 4 down linemen because of injuries to Wilkerson and Whiteside.

– Steve Williams is having a rough night, gets beat on an out route for an ASU touchdown.

– Cal can’t get the stop on 4th and 10 (good aggresive call by Erickson in my opinion). Negates a nice deflection by Marc Anthony the play earlier.

– Great 3rd down conversion by Cal, to overcome a 10 yard holding penalty. Miller with a big catch. Would like more plays thrown to Miller.

– Nice reverse negated by a block in the back followed by another holding call negating a nice screen play to Allen.

– Nice interception, glad to get 3, would have been nice to get 7 to really put down the Sun Devils.

– If Cameron Marshall can’t play, ASU will likely go to the air more like they did on the converted 4th and 10 (ughhhh why can’t we stop these?). Being the Sun Devils within 6.

– Richard Rodgers probably tried doing a little too much so the ruling on the field of fumble might be hard to overturn. This is a huge play as it looks rather ambiguous whether he was down. Cal defense needs to come up big here and hold them for a field goal attempt.

– Cal down 1. Cal let’s a couple of golden chances to keep a big lead go by them (score a TD, 4th and 10, secure the football).

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Cal vs.Oregon State First Half In-Game Analysis

The Bears warmup in AT&T Park before their game against the Beavers

– I’ve been impressed with how well the Bears have been running the ball. Isi finally breaks a 40+ yarder.

– Cal’s defense getting great penetration. So far 3-points on the defense doesn’t seem too bad.

– Seems as if Maynard is spreading out the ball from his usual two targets.

– Great throw by Maynard to put the Bears on the board. Calvin’s first touchdown in his 5th year, congrats!

– Oregon State seemed to move the ball well this possession, but was greatly slowed by a 15 yard chop block.

– Even with a poor spot, Bears have been moving the ball extremely effectively on the ground this play. Bears are able to get over their holding penalty to sustain the drive, something the Beavers were not able to get over.

– Beavers raise the stupid false-start penalties from the Bears with another 15-yard unnecessary roughness penalty.  Maynard then busts out a great option run for a Bear’s touchdown! Those penalties, erase a lot of time and leave the Beavers with only about a minute to do something.

– The drag routes are absolutely killing the Bears on this drive. Marc Anthony with a nice deflection. Jeff Tedford’s icing attempt fails again.

– C.J. Anderson has ability to break arm-tackles up the middle and came up with a huge reception before Maynard hits his brother on a nice seam route.

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Cal vs. Washington State Postgame Thoughts

Cecil Whiteside celebrates after a big hit

1. Offense is back on the right track, but still needs work – It would be nice to see Maynard spread the ball around a little more. The game today is a reasonable representation of his usual passing arsenal. Lots of throws to his brother, some throws to MJ1, and then a throw here or there to a tight end who is projected to be in the NFL. I know the nasty weather today probably forced a lot of conservative play calling, but it would be nice to get more sweep passes to the running back, short stick routes to other tight ends, or bubble screens to other wide receivers like Clay, Calvin, or Edmonds on the outside to break away from the conventional run-run-pass Jeff Tedford offense. As for the running game, it’s great to see carries getting split among Sofele, Anderson and Manual. Having a bruiser back for the goal-line and 3rd-short situations will prove to be a handy commodity moving forward for the Cal offense.

2. Defense proves its flexibility – For the most part, our corners did a good job shutting down Marquess Wilson, who one day will be playing on Sundays, while also getting pressure on Wazzou’s qb with just the front four. We knew our defense against the run was going to be rather stingy this season, but the secondary really stepped it up this game. We’re also seeing a lot more creative blitzing this year from Pendergast while has allowed for our young secondary to look a lot better on paper. Moving forward, our linebacking corp will get better, and it’s just a matter of time developing Steve Williams and Stephen McClure into shutdown corners will opposing offenses find it to be hard to move the ball on our defense.

3. Motivation moving forward – Obviously we’re in the same situation as we were in last year. Three games left: need to win one for bowl eligibility. Unlike last year though, the most likely game Cal can wins comes up first, as opposed to last on the plate. The ambiance last year with the horrid weather, placement during Thanksgiving weekend conjuring with Senior Day, and the last day of Memorial Stadium did not seem to bode too well and resulted in the disappointing defeat. However, this year we’ll get a struggling Oregon State team coming into our house though keep in mind, we haven’t beat these guys in Berkeley in a while. With the bitter taste of having to study for finals with all the other students still fresh in a lot of Cal football player’s heads, I’m sure that will serve as good motivation to get the thorn that is the Beavers out of our behinds.


Jason A.W.’s – Cal vs. Utah: First Half Analysis

Keenan Allen will look to get open down the field for many brother to brother connections this afternoon

– Wonder why we’re seeing remnants of a baseball field being there even though no games have been played for almost a month.

– Early penalties seem to be hampering Cal again as they give up a huge play on 3rd and 15.

– Seems as if it will likely be a defensive battle for most of the game.

– Zach Maynard inaccuracy is rearing its ugly head again missing open receivers.

– Bryan Anger has been Cal’s MVP this game so far with a couple of huge punts.

– Maynard makes a nice read and gives the ball to Isi for the first touchdown of the game.

– Tipoti with a big hit from behind and a nice recovery by D.J. Holt.

– Not sure why we are running a screen play on 3rd down, but I think we’re lucky to get 3 points off that turnover.

-#70 on the Utes giving Cal a couple of gift penalties. Let’s us see if we can grind out a long TD drive.

– Zach Maynard makes a nice throw on 3rd down after nearly getting picked up. I’m glad to see a great coaching move of quick snapping after a close catch by Marvin Jones.

– Great punt by Maynard pins the Utes. Interesting decision to decline the holding penalty. Probably thought the down was more important than 3 yards. Jones probably should have called for a fair catch.

– I like the idea of play action on first down to try to take a shot down field.

– GT has been very impressive so far this year on field goals.

– Cal’s special teams rearing its ugly head again with a big return followed by an necessary roughness and yet another bad penalty. Kendricks bails out the defense with a huge pick, Cal might be able to get more points on the board and recapture momentum.

– Nice checkdown by Maynard to Jones followed by a nice screen pass to Allen who drags a whole bunch of DBs into the endzone for another Bear’s TD!